How to repair an  iPhone screen?

The screen damages in Phones are common due to human mistakes or some kinds of software issues where the display gets ruined.

Reasons for screen damages

A hard fall on the ground or some hard object hitting your phone might cause a broken screen. In some cases, due to some hardware failure, the screen turns black, which could be due to OLEDs going bad.

Fixing it on our own?

The first way of fixing this issue is to fix it on your own. This is a complex process and might need some assistance from others to get it back to work. The following slides might help do it on your own.

Buy the required equipment

We need to buy the repairing equipment if we want to do it on our own. They are a Pentalobe screwdriver, Suction cup, and Philips #000 screwdriver.

Remove the pentalobe screws

The battery should be below 25% before starting this process. Remove the two pentalobe screws below the home button after switching off the mobile phone.

Separating the screen and motherboard

Separating the screen and the motherboard is a tricky process since it involves tiny screws and sensitive parts. Hold the phone gently and slowly pull out the screen using a suction cup and plastic tools.

Removing the connections between motherboard and screen

After pulling out the screen, now the task is to remove connections between the motherboard and screen. Use a Philips screwdriver to remove the connections.

Reverse the process

After completing the process replace the new screen and reverse the same process to fix back the new screen.

Other ways of doing it

The other way of doing this is to either visit a mobile repair store near you or contact Apple customer care, Which might be a little costly.

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