How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages on an Android Phone in just 1 min?

In this web story, we will learn how to recover deleted text messages from an Android phone.

Is it possible to get the deleted text message back?

Yes, it is possible, even if your data is not backed up you can still recover the deleted text messages with help of different software.

Recovering deleted texts via Google backup

– Go to Google Drive 0n smartphone. – Click the three lines button to open  menu. – Now, choose the 'Backups’ option. – Check your data has been    backed up.

A backup will happen only when we log in to a device. We may need to format our phone. Be prepared to restore all data + don't forget to backup present one. It may or may not be effective all times.


– For this option, we need a PC/Laptop – Install the Android data recovery App on your Computer/Laptop.

Restoring via SMS recovery apps

– Connect Android device to your computer and enable USB debugging. – Select 'Messages' and press 'Next' button. – Then, on smartphone, use Android Data Recovery program to install FonePaw app.

– Give the app permission to read your messages. – Then, click 'Scan authorized files.' when this option pops up on your screen. – After you've selected messages  to recover, tap on 'Recover.'

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