How to screen mirror your iPhone onto Smart TV?

Screen mirroring is casting one screen onto another via a single connection.

Using Airplay

For screen mirroring in iPhones, we use Airplay. Airplay is another name for screen mirroring. It is done to get a wider screen view while playing games or watching content online.

Wired and Wireless connection

There are two simple methods we can use to do screen mirroring. We can use a wired or wireless connection. The wireless one is by connecting over a Wi-Fi network, and the wired one is using an HDMI cable.

Setting up the connection

The first step in wireless connection is by connecting both devices to a single data network and enabling the Airplay in a smart TV. All we need to do is go to the settings and set up the connection between the phone and the smart TV.

Starting the Screen mirroring

After setting up the connection open the control panel on your mobile phone and click on the overlapping rectangular screens in the options. Make sure you are selecting the smart TV you want to screen mirror.

Using HDMI cable and Adapter

The second method is a direct method which requires an HDMI cable and a lightning Digital AV Adapter. This does not require any software, but make sure you are selecting an Adapter based on your charging port.

Starting the Screen Mirroring

First, plug one side of the HDMI cable into your TV and the other into the AV Adapter. Now connect the AV Adapter and your Phone, booyah you have your phone screen on your smart TV.

Streaming services

If you are using any streaming services to watch content online, if the apps are compatible with Airplay we can directly cast them by clicking on the Airplay button on the screen.

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