How to screenshot on a MacBook in just a few seconds?

Know how to capture the whole screen, windows and a portion of the screen by following these easy steps in a few seconds.

To take a screenshot on your Mac, you need to press and hold these following 3 keys together. And they are - Shift+Command+3

After taking the screenshot a thumbnail will appear at the bottom of the screen, click it and start editing.Or wait for the screenshot to save and then edit it.

Edit screenshot

Now to capture a portion of the screen press and hold these 3 keys together. Shift+Command+4 Drag the cursor and select the area you want to capture. Press esc key to cancel taking screenshot.

Wanna capture a window or menu? Press these 4 keys together. Shift+Command+4+Spacebar. The pointer changes to a camera icon. To keep out the window’s shadow, press and hold the Option key.

Where are the screenshot(s) you just took? Your screenshots are by default saved on your desktop - “screenshot(date)at (time).png”

macOS Mojave provides the feature of moving the screenshot to a folder or a document. It also lets you change the location to save the screenshots from the option menu in the screenshot app.

A quick recap- For screenshot = Shift+Command+3 For a portion’s screenshot = Shift+Command+4 For a window or menu = Shift+Command+4+Spacebar


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