How to screenshot on iPhone by various methods within sec?

Quickly save what's on your iPhone's screen.

Taking a snapshot is a simple job. The most difficult part is figuring out which buttons to press.

This web story will show three different ways quickly capture what's on your screen.

 "Right Side+Volume Keys" or "Home+Sleep"

At the same time, hold and click the "Home" button and the "sleep/wake" button. Your camera roll will be occupied with a screenshot.

Alternative Using Only One Button

– Launch the Settings    app. – Access the   "General" setup    option from the   "Settings" menu. – Select   "Accessibility" from    the "General    Settings" menu.

– Locate the "Physical and   Motor" section near the   bottom of the page in   the Accessibility Menu. – Navigate to "Assistive   Touch" to enable this   feature.

Making Use of the AssistiveTouch Floating Button

– When you press the      Floating Button, you'll    be taken to the first    dark screen. To take a    screenshot, tap the    "Device" icon.

– This will bring up a second dark screen, and you must select the "More" option if you want to take a screenshot.

– The "More" option brings up this third dark screen, and you can now take a screenshot by touching the "Screenshot" icon.

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