How to see hidden files on iPhone within a sec?

In this web story, we will learn about how to see hidden files on iPhone with ease.

What are hidden files?

Your iPhone has the feature of hiding important apps and files from the naked eye. This helps in peering eyes.

Can you use it?

You can use the hidden files and access them, whenever you want. This can be done by the Files app of your iPhone.

Why you should use the hidden files?

You can use it to hide the important files that you want to keep private and safe from others.

Can you access the hidden files?

Yes, you can use the Files app of the iPhone to access all your hidden files.

How to see hidden files on iPhone?

Follow these steps to see hidden files on iPhone with simple steps.

Files app of your iPhone?

Inside the Files app, you can go to the iPhone menu and click on the three-bar icon. There find the files option.

Hidden files?

Open the file settings and the hidden files will appear. You can now use them to make sure that the hidden files are checked.

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