How to Split the Screen on iPhone in 1 sec?

A split screen lets you work on two different sites or applications at a single time. Which is twice as useful and productive as a single screen.

Uses of Split Screen

The split screen allows you to multitask at a single time. The Split screen lets you use two apps simultaneously, or we can compare two products on Amazon or any other shopping website.

Methods to split the screen

The iPhone does not have an inbuilt feature to split the screen but we can do it by either jailbreaking or by using a third-party app.

iPhone inbuilt feature

There are some models with the suffixes like a pro, and max, which have a built-in feature to split the screen on iPhone. This feature is not fully functional and can be used up to some extent only.

Enabling the inbuilt feature

To enable the inbuilt settings we need to follow the below steps. Go to settings-> Display and Brightness-> Display-> Zoom-> Set-> Use Zoom. Hold the mobile phone horizontally and open an app, the extra feature like messaging, and notifications can be used on another screen.

Using the third-party applications

We can use third-party applications to get a fully functional split screen. Apps like WebDuo pro, Split Screen View, Split Web Browser, and Split Screen Web browser app is useful. They come with both paid and free services.

Using Floating Dock Plus

We can also jailbreak our phone and use a tweak like Floating dock plus to get the fully functional split screen. Open the tweak and add apps to the home bar. Drag and open the apps on the screen to split the screen.

Split Screen availability on IOS

The Split Screen is an essential feature and needs to be introduced in the IOS. All the Android mobiles have it. Split Screen lets us do the multitasking.

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