How to take a Screenshot On Mac?

In this web story, we will see how much easy it is to take a screen snip on any Mac computer

What is a Screenshot?

A screenshot is a digital capture of contents displayed on a computer or mobile screen.

How to take a screen snip in Mac?

Taking a screenshot is very simple and easy on any Mac computer. There are 4 methods to do so

Method 1- Shift+Cmd+3

This shortcut takes a screenshot of the entire content of the display on your computer screen.

Method 2- Shift+Cmd+4

This shortcut allows you to take a screenshot of a specific portion of the screen

Method 3- Shift+Cmd+5

This shortcut opens a screenshot menu which has a capture button to take a pic.

Method 4- Shift+Cmd+6

This shortcut has 7 different program and can  takes a screenshot of the Touch Bar of your Mac if it has.

Where are these screenshots stored?

All the screenshots appear on the desktop but you can change the location of it

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