How to Temporarily Disable Face ID on Your iPhone?

Facial recognition is a cool and authentic way of unlocking your iPhone. All you need to do is glance at it to open the phone.

Reasons to disable the Face ID

There could be many reasons why you want your Face ID to be disabled like your device could have gone missing, or someone is trying to fake your Face ID. There are some easy ways in which we could disable Facial Recognition.

Using the side and volume buttons

We can use the side and volume up or volume down buttons to temporarily disable the Face ID. Long press the buttons until a screen with Medical ID and slide to power off menu appears. Now click on cancel to disable Face ID.

Siri to the rescue

We can also use Siri to disable the Face ID, just say "Hey Siri, Whose phone is this?", Siri responds by saying that the phone is yours and displays the contact card. This thing disables the Face ID temporarily.

Customize the settings

We can permanently disable the Face ID using the settings and also customize it according to our preferences. Go to the "Face ID and Passcode" section and disable the "iPhone Unlock" toggle button.

Permanently disabling the Face ID

If you are permanently disabling the Face ID, make sure your passcode is strong enough. Manage the passcode in the passcode section either by setting an alphanumeric or a six-digit number password.

Remotely disabling the Face ID

If you want to remotely disable the passcode when you have lost your phone, log in to the "Find My Phone" app on iPad and iCloud simultaneously. We can use this Find my app to locate and display a message on your iPhone.

Marking the lost Phone

Open the app and mark your device as lost and click continue to read the instructions. Enter a contact number to be contacted and a message to display on the iPhone.

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