How to transfer an android file to macBook in 1 min?

You can use the official Android File Transfer App from Google to transfer files from an Android device to the MacBook.

Now the question that comes to our mind is how to download and use this official Android File Transfer App? You can install the App for Mac from the Android Website.

Once installed, open AndroidFileTransfer.dmg. A Finder pop-up will appear in which you have to drag and drop the Android File Transfer app into the Application folder

The reason for downloading the file from the internet is for a quick security check. To open, double click Android File Transfer and click Open to continue.

Now using a USB Cable, connect your phone to your MacBook. After connecting the Android File Transfer should open automatically. What if it doesn’t open?

Open the notification bar and from there check if the settings are as per requirement or else change USB Settings to File Transfer/MTP Mode.  

In the Android File Transfer find the file or folder(s) you want to transfer. Now what? Just drag and drop it to your Desktop. Simple, isn’t it?

You see how easy it is to transfer an Android File to the MacBook. Now don’t worry and go and try to transfer file or folder(s) by just following these easy and simple steps.


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