How to transfer files between iPhone and Mac?

There are many ways to do this, and it is very simple to do the transferring even for the non-tech savvy people.

Using a USB cable and Image Capture

The first method is to use a USB cable and Image Capture software present in the Mac Book itself. Make sure both the devices are well connected to the USB cable. Open the Image Capture and select the files and click on the download.

Problem with Image Capture

There could be a problem with using Image Capture since it can only reflect the files present in the local storage and not in iCloud. In that case, we need to download them from iCloud before transmission.

Airdrop and Bluetooth

We can also use Airdrop and Bluetooth for wireless transferring. All we need to do is enable both Airdrop and Bluetooth on both devices and select the required files and share them using Airdrop.

Using the Cloud services

Cloud services can be useful if you regularly upload your data into the cloud. Install them on the device and log in to your account and download the required files.

Sharing via Email

Email services can also be used to share files. Open the file you want to share and click on the share icon and send it to yourself.

Sharing through messaging applications

Another way of sharing is by using the messaging applications. Share the files to your own contact and log in on your PC with the same account and download the required files from there.

The best method

The best method is to upload your important documents into cloud storage so that we can never lose our important files and photos. If we want them we can just log in to our account and download them.

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