How to unpair an Apple watch in 1min?

Easy steps to completely unpair the apple watch and apple device

Why unpair?

Unpairing means pretty much three things 1. To reset the apple watch. 2. It is going to unlink the apple watch with the iPhone. 3. Unlinking the apple watch from Apple id.

Best way to unpair!

The best way to do the unlinking process is to go through the phone. Since if we perform the unlinking process from iPhone, we may not be completely disconnecting the mobile and watch.

Unpairing the watch using iPhone

Get your iPhone, go to the Watch app, and click on general settings. Go all the way down in the general settings and click on reset.

Steps to reset the Apple watch

In reset settings, we can see three options : 1. Erase apple watch content and settings. 2. Reset home screen layout. 3. Reset sync data. Select the first option to continue.

Terms and conditions

Click on confirmation to agree to the terms and conditions by the service provider.

Disconnecting the apple device

Now there will be a pop-up asking for your apple id password. Enter your apple id password and click on the erase option on the top right corner to permanently unpair the apple watch from your apple devices.

Rechecking for confirmation

After completing this process, we can check our mobiles and watch whether they are disconnected or not. Now we can observe that they are unpaired, unlinked, and independent of each other.

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