How to update to macOS in just 1 minute?

macOS Monterey is just Apple’s all new next-generation Operating System. The current version is macOS 12.3.1.

Go through these steps and check your laptop’s compatibility. Explore many new features like updates in FaceTime, Safari and new ways to work with universal control and shortcuts.

First check the compatibility of your device. If your device is not compatible you might be able to update to the old version of the Operating System (macOS).

Before you start updating your device go for a backup first. This is a better option to reduce the risk of losing your valuable and important data.

If using macOS Mojave or later then update via software update (Apple Menu>System Preference>Software Update). Or get it from iCloud.

Now when you are done downloading the update the installer will open automatically. Allow the update to get installed without closing the lid of Mac.

You might notice that several times your MacBook restarts and shows a progress bar or blank page on the display of your screen.

After installing macOS Monterey, you will be automatically updated or notified when new updates are available (Apple Menu>System Preference>Software Update).


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