How to use your iPhone to calibrate your TV?

In this web story, we will know how to use your iPhone to calibrate your TV in detail.

What is meant by calibrating your tv?

Calibrating your TV means adjusting the TV settings to look good. You can adjust the details of the videos.

Is it necessary?

For some people, it may be necessary and for people, it may not necessary.

Can we calibrate our TV in less time?

Yes, we can calibrate our TV in less than 10 min because it is much simpler these days.

How can you calibrate?

First, go to the Apple TV settings on your TV and select calibration on your Apple TV.

Does it calibrate when playing?

No, it only calibrates and gives the best video colors when playing videos. It will not work with Xbox/Playstation.

will a pop-up appear?

When you choose the calibrate option a pop-up will appear on your iPhone and by that we can calibrate.

Is it have to be near to the tv?

Yes, your iPhone should have near to your TV then only you can see the pop-up coming.

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