iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 in 1 min?

In this web story, we will know about iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 in very detail.

GPU System

In iPhone 13 you can see a 4-core GPU while in iPhone 14 you can see a 5-core GPU.

Weight of the iPhones?

You can see that iPhone 14 which is 172 grams is less weight than the iPhone 13 which is 174 grams.

Crash detection?

Yes, now Apple introduced Crash detection in iPhone 14 but it is not there in iPhone 13.

Camera sensor?

The iPhone 14 has a larger sensor in the camera compared to iPhone 13 phone..

Advanced camera system.

On iPhone 13 you have a Dual camera system whereas on iPhone 14 you can see an Advanced Dual camera system.

Cinematic mode?

For iPhone 13 you can record videos only in 1080p but in iPhone 14 you can record videos in 4k HDR.

Emergency SOS 

In iPhone 13 you only have Emergency SOS but in advance, iPhone 14 has Emergency SOS via satellite.

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