Know the best browser for your Mac.

What should you look for? As speedy as possible, secure and stable.

Here are a few recommendations for you. Apple Safari Has clean and minimalist design language, built-in privacy protection and security tool, handoff feature of uninterrupted browsing and a lot more.

Google Chrome Now this provides you high speed browsing, easy and stylish interface, wide range of extensions, safety, sync across devices and design to be the fastest web browser.

Firefox Has been at the forefront of web browser security, easy to use, uses less memory than Google Chrome, includes privacy restrictions which prevents sellers from selling your data or information.

Microsoft Edge Give you the option to customise the home page, speedy, built-in screenshot tool, stackable tabs, saves time with smart copy, maintain truly private browsing and a lot more.

Brave Provides you with the feature of ad blocking, cookie control, respects and protects your privacy, faster than its competitors, lower impact on system’s battery life.

Vivaldi Promotes speed and performance, has the fundamental features of chromium, highly customisable user interface, has privacy features and security tools and a lot more.


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