Lets Podcasts on iPhone 14

In this web story, we will know about Podcasts on iPhone 14 in more detail.

Are these Podcasts useful?

Yes, it is useful for mobile. Through this, you can see your favorite shows and all.

How can we see these?

You have to simply take your iPhone and search for the Podcasts app on your phone and can enjoy it.

Can you see your favorite podcasts?

Yes, you can see your favorite podcasts by searching them in the search bar and can view them.

Can we save them?

Yes, you can save them and you can add them to your library if you liked them.

Can you listen to them offline?

Yes, you can listen to them offline too and you also get notifications if you add them to your library.

Can we share podcasts with friends?

Yes, you can share podcasts with your friends and they can listen to it and can have fun.

How can we see shared podcasts?

You can see them in messages that say shared with you and for that, you must allow it in settings.

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