Facing "Something Went Wrong" on your PlayStation?

Check Your Network Connection

Oops! A shaky internet can cause hiccups. Let's give your connection a quick check. 🌐🔍

Restart Your PlayStation

Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh start. Power off, then on. Magic? Maybe! 🔄✨

Update Your System Software

Running on old software? Let's get you up-to-date with the latest version. 🆙🎮

Verify PlayStation Network (PSN) Status

Is PSN taking a little nap? Let's check if it's up and running! 📡👀

Clear Your Cache and Cookies

Let's tidy up! Clearing cache and cookies can often clear up issues. 🧹💨

Check for Game Updates

Your game might need a quick makeover. Let's look for any available updates! 🎮💅

Restore Licenses

Missing permissions? Let's restore your licenses to get everything in order. 🔑🔄

Rebuild Database in Safe Mode

Let's get technical! Rebuilding the database can work wonders. (It's safe, we promise!) 🔧💾

Contact PlayStation Support

Need an extra hand? PlayStation Support is ready to jump in and help! 🤝🆘

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