QLED vs OLED: Which TV Tech Is Better In 2022?

In this web story, we will compare two trending TV technology and conclude which is the best

What is OLED Technology?

OLED stands for Organic Light-Emitting Diode which is cheaper than QLED and comes in flat panel TVs

What is QLED Technology? 

QLED is just an LCD display with quantum dots and these dots are present in a film of a TV panel

Picture Quality

QLED TVs provide better picture quality as compared to OLED TVs due to quantum dot technology

Pixel Response Time

When it comes to response time then OLED TVs are king as in QLED each pixel is controlled individually and causes lag


QLED TVs can easily beat OLED TVs in terms of brightness and they are very much suitable if brightness is your need

Energy Consumption

QLED consumes more power than OLED since QLED requires extra backlights

Final Verdict

Overall, OLED TVs appear as a winner since they give good brightness, larger screen size, consumes less power, and no risk on burn-in

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