Razer launches advance Kishi V2 controller for iPhone with dynamic design

In this web story, we will know about the new Kishi V2 controller for iPhone with improved design.

What is this controller?

This is a controller for the iPhones which helps us to play the games and it is now in better design.

Does it useful?

Yes, it is useful to play games on your iPhone and have the best experience with it.

Which iPhone we can use for this controller?

For all iPhones, it can be useful but not with older phones like 3s. It can be useful for iPhone 6 to iPhone 13.

What is special about it?

It has a portable and stylish look which is good for gamers and it can be adjusted.

What is this device for?

It can be useful for streamers who would stream their game because they would perform their best with these.

Is it too high cost?

No, it is not a high-cost device. It can come for around $99 or $100. It is worth it.

Does it look like a joystick?

It almost looks like a joystick but in the middle, you can keep your phone and then use it.

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