Record Health status on iPhone 14

In this web story, we will know how to record your Health status on iPhone 14 in detail.

What is this health status?

This is the record of your health that you can check through your iPhone.

Can we add health records?

Yes, you can add health records on your own without causing any problems.

Is it easy to add?

Yes, it is easy to add health records to your iPhone with some simple steps.

How to add them?

You can simply add by tapping your profile photo and by tapping on add records and then get started.

Where do we find these records?

You can find these records on the Health App which will be on your iPhone.

Can we remove the health records?

Yes, you can remove your health records as you wish and you can keep some records that you want.

How can you remove it?

You can remove simply by tapping that record then you find the remove option.

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