Refurbished Mac- Pros and Cons in just 1 minute.

Are you thinking of buying a pre-owned MacBook? So check the pros and cons of buying a refurbished MacBook in just a minute.

Here we will be talking about Apple’s in-house refurbished MacBook. Apple takes back their products; when you buy a new product you can sell your old device to the Apple store itself.

PRO- You can save a lot of money. So if you are in a cash crisis you can save upto 10%-15%. You can save a good deal and get a Mac as good as new.

PRO- You will be surprised to know that Apple provides the same warranty period on a new MacBook and on a refurbished Mac. And what’s even more surprising is it can be extended by 3 years.

PRO- You can buy a refurbished MacBook directly from the Apple Store. You can even visit your nearest Apple Store if you face any issue with the refurbished Mac.

CON- You don’t get the model of your own choice rather what’s available in Apple's inventory. So there is a very rare chance that you get what you wanted  like the model, color, etc.

CON- There are many websites which offer pre-owned MacBook but with these risks of fraud and scam increases. But you can avoid such scams by buying a product sold by a certified refurbisher.

CON- There might be chances that you won’t be getting the latest operating system. This is because of the limited inventory and higher demand. So you might settle for an older version or variant.


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