Samsung Internet 19.0 Beta Features in 1 Min?

In this web story, we will know the features of Samsung Internet 19.0 Beta features in 1 Min.

Protecting the users

Now, this feature is used to protect users from the online threads from trackers.

Increase your browsing experience

With this, you can increase your browsing experience more than ever and it is much more convenient.

Why it is protecting from trackers?

Trackers are increasing day by day. They are becoming more powerful. To avoid those, Samsung has released Samsung Internet 19.0 beta.

Improved private browsing

Now, Samsung has improved private browsing with smart anti-tracking and enhanced phishing detection.

Improvements for navigating

Navigating Samsung is made simpler and Swifty even in the secret mode of Samsung.

Check privacy settings with a button

Now, we can check our privacy settings with the tap of a button. It is the new privacy info feature in Samsung.

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