See today's Weather report on iPhone

In this web story, we will know about how to see today's Weather report on iPhone in detail.

How can we check the weather?

You can use the weather app on the iPhone and by that, and you can see weather reports.

Can you see your location's weather?

Yes, you can see your weather report where ever you are standing easily with one click.

Can Siri help us?

Yes, you can also take the help of Siri. You can ask what's the weather report for today.

How you can see this report?

First of all your location must be turned on for this report then where ever you are you can see this report.

Can it be helpful?

Yes, Incase if the weather is cloudy then there might be a chance of rain so you would be safe.

Can we switch between Celcius to Fahrenheit?

Yes, we can switch between them by clicking on 3 dots which is the downside of your iPhone.

What is the use of this?

With this weather app, you can easily view the weather report by a single app and you can see weather reports for 10 days.

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