See Your Cardio Fitness Levels on iPhone?

In this web story, we will know how to see your cardio fitness levels on your iPhone in detail.

What are cardio fitness levels?

It is the level of your overall physical health and your fitness based on your exercises.

Can you check your health by these levels?

Yes, you can check your health by this feature and you can check it on your Apple watch.

How can you see these levels on iPhone?

You can simply see it through your mobile app called Health. By there you can set up.

Can we receive notifications of these levels?

Yes, you have to turn on notifications on your iPhone first then you can receive notifications.

When you can receive a notification?

You can receive a notification when your cardio fitness level is low.

Is this helpful?

Yes, you can know your fitness and you can maintain your fitness by these levels.

How can we maintain good fitness levels?

You can maintain good fitness levels by running and by doing some cardio exercises.

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