Set important Reminders on iPhone 14.

In this web story, we will know about how to set important Reminders on iPhone 14 in detail.

Can we put a reminder on our iPhones?

Yes, we can put important reminders on our phones by using the app on iPhones.

Where we can put these remainders?

We can put these remainders on the app called Remainder, which will be on iPhones.

What can we add?

You can add a to-do list like groceries or anything which you need to do at a particular time.

How can you add?

By going in the remainders app and then clicking the add new button which will be the downside on your phone.

What do we do next?

You should give a name to your remainder so when you see it you can remember what is that for.

Can you use Siri?

Yes, you can use Siri for this work. Simply you can say add a reminder to a particular list.

Can you edit your reminder?

Yes, you can edit your reminder by clicking on it, and now you can edit the name or picture on it.

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