Sony’s Modular Dualsense Edge Controller For PS5

In this web story, we will see Sony’s new wireless controller for PS5.

What is Dualsense Edge Controller?

Sony has teased its all-new controller for PS5 which is named Dualsense Edge Controller which is an updated and improved version of Dualshock controller.

What is so new about Dualsense Edge Controller?

This controller is Sony’s first ever fully customisable controller. It can be customisable at both ends, hardware and software.

Features of Dualsense Edge Controller

Caps of joysticks are replaceable,  back buttons are also replaceable. Moreover, you can also remap the buttons.

What makes Dualsense Edge Controller different from others?

This controller is wireless and fully customizable, which present controllers can’t offer to the players.

How to charge these controllers?

Sony is providing a charging case to charge these all-new wireless controllers.

How much will it cost?

Sadly Sony has not revealed the price but it is possible it will be marked somewhere around its rival controller, Xbox Elite Controller.

When will it release?

Sony has not announced the release date of Dualsense Edge Controller but it might be available in the Holiday season.

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