How to Transfer data of old iPhone to a new iPhone in just 1 min

In this web story, we are going to learn how to transfer precious data from the previous iPhone to a brand new iPhone.

Before any set up: Back up your iPhone data

Before transferring the old data of the iPhone, you need to get a backup, otherwise, you may lose your important files.

Best 3 techniques to transfer everything

1. Via iCloud backup 2. With iTunes backup 3. Instantly transfer iPhone data with Quick Start

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Step 1: Start Now Transferring Data

You need to Navigate to Setting -> General -> Transfer and Reset iPhone-> Start taking backup for new iPhone-> Move All App Data with iCloud

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Step 2: Check List

Make sure both iPhones have enough battery and are connected to internet.

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Step 3: Quick Start

New iPhone: Swipe up from the bottom edge and get Quick Start Old iPhone: Look for Set up New iPhone, Confirm Apple Id-> Tap Continue

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Step 4: blue ball of particles

Position the camera of the old iPhone on the new one and wait for the animation (blue ball of particles) on the new iPhone.

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Step 5: Circle Turns Green

Once the Circle of the particles turns Green, Wait for the message ‘Finishon the new iPhone., then enter the previous iPhone passcode on your new iPhone.

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Final Step

1. Set up Touch ID/ Face ID. 2. From the "Transfer Your data" screen choose "Download from iCloud" 3. Agree with terms 4. Tap Continue 5. Wait till transferred.

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