Transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone

To upload/transfer photos from Samsung to iPhone, utilize iTunes.

– Step 1: To start, link the Samsung Cellphone to the desktop and, whenever the connectivity warning arises, choose the Media Transfer option.

– Step 2: The Windows Machine will then identify the linked Android phone. Simply go over to My Computer to look via your phone's memory. 

After this, users may keep and store the images they want to share in a locked environment on your computer.

– Step 3: Follow this: 1. Open iTunes on the computer and select Files. 2. Scan to Add Files/Folders. 3. Leap to Library from the Files menu.

– You will be taken to a web browser in which you can pick and download the photographs you want to share.

– Step 4: link the iPhone to the computer again when the pictures have been uploaded to the iTunes account. Return to iTunes, select the gadget.

Then go navigate to the Pictures tab on the left side. One may select to share images from the iTunes account to the iPhone from this screen.

Advantages: It's a standalone executable. Disadvantages: Hard to set up Certain photographs may be deleted during the switch.

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