Ultrasonic pest reject-Does it work?

In this web story, we will know about ultrasonic pest control in detail.

What does it do?

It is a device that will protect us from insects or mosquitoes or bed bugs.

How does it actually work?

It works by releasing about 65,000 Hz sound by which the pests will go away.

Can it harm humans by emitting that much sound?

No, an average human can listen up to 20-20,000 Hz only. Humans cannot listen up to a higher range.

Is it necessary to have this device?

For children and pets, the answer is yes it is necessary to protect from diseases.

Is it high cost?

No, it is cheaper to buy. Every person can buy it and use it for avoiding harmful diseases.

For how long this device can be used?

We can use it for 3-5 years and it will be best for our home and our children.

How can we know that it's working?

We can see a LED light on the device, if the LED light is on then we can know it's working.

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