Where is the clipboard on my iPhone?

In this web story, we will know where is the clipboard on my iPhone in detail.

What is this clipboard?

This is useful to paste something that you have copied on your iPhone.

Where does it go when you copy?

When you copy something on your iPhone it directly goes on the clipboard.

Can we paste it anywhere?

Yes, when you copy something you can post it anywhere on your iPhone as you wish.

Use shortcut app

You can use the shortcut app on your iPhone then you can search for the clipboard.

Can we get it all?

Yes, you can get all that you copied when you do the previous step of using the shortcut app.

Is this helpful?

Yes, it is much helpful that some people want to see what they copied, through this, they can get that.

Is a clipboard is necessary?

Yes, because every time you copy something it directly saves in the clipboard.

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