Why are iPhones so expensive explained in 8 slides?

In this web story, we will learn why are iPhones so expensive in great detail.

Why are iPhones expensive?

iPhone is an insanely popular brand of mobile phone which is popularized by its quality of products and services.

Can you buy iPhone for cheap?

Yes, you can buy cheaper iPhones during sales and off-day festivals. You can also buy used iPhones for a significantly lower price.

Why should you buy iPhones?

iPhones can help you in making your personality and status go up exponentially. Apple products are held in high regard.

Can your iPhone resell well?

Yes, you can resell your iPhones at a fairly good amount. iPhones have the best resale values.

Why are iPhones so expensive?

Let us give you the technical points on why the iPhones are so expensive.

Quality of product and services?

Apple products are known for their in-house self-made products. Everything in your iPhone is made by Apple itself.

Enabled Privacy?

Privacy and security are one of the most focused features of the iPhone. This makes Apple products a status symbol.

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