Why can't I swipe on my iPhone -How to fix it?

This may be due to either a software or a hardware issue in the phone. The hardware issue can be resolved by making a replacement of the damaged part.

Why is this issue?

The software issues can be resolved by using some simple fixes like restarting the phone or updating the software.

Force your iPhone to restart

The first method is to force your iPhone to restart. Turn it off for a few minutes, and then power it on again. Use the volume up, volume down, and side buttons to do it.

Updating the software

This could happen due to some software glitch on your phone, so just go to the general settings on your phone and check for the updates. Update the software.

Cleaning and drying the screen

The display screens sometimes due to any external source, might behave like that so try cleaning and drying the screen, or you may want to replace the thick screen guard to rectify the problem.

Using an external software

Use an external software like Tenorshare reboot with the help of a computer to get the software updated. No personal information is lost. This might take some time to update.

Factory Reset

The last option you want to try is using the "Factory Reset." This will result in the loss of personal information. Use iTunes to find the latest software and update the iPhone software.

Contact Apple customer support

Contact Apple customer support if any of the above options did not work out. They will rectify the hardware issue if any. Find out the service plans on the Apple website before approaching them.

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