Why did Apple end production of its iconic iPod in 1 min?

In this web story, we will know why did Apple end the production of its iconic iPod in detail.

What is the use of this iPod?

The Apple iPod is used to listen to music. we can listen to music with the iPod touch.

When did Apple announce this?

Apple announced on Tuesday that it will end the production of the iPod.

When did this iPod first introduced by Apple?

The Apple iPod was firstly introduced in the year 2001 and gave the best music quality to the users.

When did the recent iPod had released?

Apple released its recent iPod in the year 2019 which was the iPod touch.

Does iPod have an internet connection?

The latest iPod is the best iPod in the present market with the internet connection

What features does an iPod have?

The latest iPod has the features of sending iMessages and even can make Facetime calls.

Are iPods still available to buy?

Yes, we can still buy iPods from the Apple store and still use them.

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