Why doesn't my flashlight work on my iPhone?

In this web story, we will learn about how you can fix the flashlight not working on iPhone.

What is Flashlight on iPhone?

Flashlights are the tool that is used to brighten up with a beam of light in dark places.

Can you use Flashlight on your iPhone?

Yes, You can use the flashlight with the iPhone on the device by using the control center.

Why should you use the flashlight?

Most often you should choose to use the Flashlight because you use it to make sure that the light is lit.

Can you use a flashlight in darker areas?

Yes, you can use it any time with the darker areas being in an empty room or space.

Why doesn't my flashlight work on my iPhone?

Let us see a few reasons why it might not be working on iPhone.

Flashlight settings?

The physical light of your camera may be blocking out the flash, to fix this open the settings app and reset the flash.

Problems with the flash?

Your flash may be shorted. This means you will have to go to the apple can to fix it properly.

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