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com.samsung.faceservice | Samsung faceservice

Want to resolve the error “Unfortunately Faceservie has stopped” or “Faceservice has stopped working”? See how you can fix the error in a few simple steps within 10 minutes. Learn why we need com samsung faceservice in the first place. Here we are going to see what is com.samsung.faceservice and how we can resolve problems related to it. Along with the problems, we will also see how we can solve the problem of the app consuming too much battery.

Now if we see the name of the app, we can break it down to understand it better. We will start with the first of “com.samsung.faceservice”, here the com tells us that it’s an internal app. Since all the internal apps start with com proceeded with the developer’s name. Now “samsung” means that the internal app belongs to Samsung developers and not Google. Since if the internal app is developed by Google, then it will have a name like “com.google”. And finally, the “faceservice” tells us that the internal app is responsible for all the video call-related functions.

However, we should make it clear that it’s only for Samsung devices. And this internal app can not be found in devices by OEM (Other Electronic Manufacturers) like OnePlus or Oppo.

Also, we are going to see how we can fix the annoying error of “Unfortunately Faceservie has stopped” or “Faceservice has stopped working”. Along with solving the error, we are also going to see why the error was coming in the first place.

com.samsung.faceservice - Samsung faceservice
com.samsung.faceservice – Samsung faceservice

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NOTE: If you are not interested in knowing what is com.samsung.faceservice then skip the initial sections and skip to the solution part.

What is Com.samsung.faceservice?

Now before we can start with the solutions, we should know what is com.samsung.faseservice and why we need it in the first place.

This is an internal app created by Samsung for their devices to help with creating albums with similar faces. This is the same feature that we get with Google’s photos. Where we can group all the photos of the same person and other objects.

Now the in-build face recognition technology has a lot more useful than just for the gallery customized collection. This technology is also used to unlock the latest Samsung smartphones. This technology is built by Samsung themselves, this is why you will see different results for Google photos and Samsung gallery. You will notice that Google’s photos are better at face recognition, this is because Google has wider data collection of faces. Due to this Google photos allow being better at telling which photos are yours.

Also, it suggests people by tagging them and you will see ”people” tags in the gallery. This allows you to group all the photos which will save you a lot of time and effort. After grouping all the photos, you will give these as suggestions which you can choose to accept or reject. And nowadays, technology has gotten so powerful that it can tell who are your friends and family. And if you want to put all of your pictures in a separate folder and you can tell if it’s you in the pictures or not.

However, this feature is great and useful but annoying at the same time. The app is prone to throw errors at you even when you are not using it directly. This can be especially annoying when you are trying to work but the error notifications are driving you crazy. In the next section, we are going to see how we can solve this error with a few simple steps.

What Cause Faceservice Has Stopped Working Error Message?

If you are getting the annoying error message saying “Faceservice has stopped working” or “Unfortunately Faceservice has stopped”. Then this is caused due to the internal app abruptly stopping working. This error can occur due to several different reasons like a bug or other apps stopping it. And since this is an internal app, you cannot remove it without facing other problems.

Now if you are using the gallery app and this error occurs then it means that there’s some bug in the app and any third-party app is not causing this problem. But if you are getting this error without opening the gallery app, then a recently downloaded app on your phone may be causing it. In any case, there are some of the reasons for the error, you can skip to the next section for solutions:

Overloaded or corrupted cache

This is the most likely reason since not cleaning the cache can cause several problems on your phone. Over time the cache on our phone gets filled up which is called “overloading” and then new apps will not have the cache to work with. You can understand it as two apps, both of which want the same pen to draw. And luckily, this has the easiest solution out of the bunch, in the next section we will see the solution for it.

Firmware issue

This can be the reason if you have not updated your phone for a long time due to which internal apps like face service start to misbehave. The term “misbehave” in-app terms means that the app is not working as intended by the developers.

Faceservice internal issues

This is not very likely since the internal apps are tested very rigorously before they are put into devices. The chances of a bug are less since the app is very critical for many important tasks and can not be updated like normal apps. These bugs can cause system crashes and make your life very difficult. But this still can happen and the only way to fix this is by either wait for an update or factory resetting the device.

How To Fix The com.samsung.faceservice Has Stopped Error

We are going to see different solutions which we can use to solve this annoying error and stop it from buzzing again and again. Below we have mentioned all the possible solutions, we would recommend going through them one by one since we have the easiest solution at the start and hardest at the last. But you can skip to any solution which you feel may work for you.

Restarting your smartphone

This should be your first instinct for solving any error or problem on your phone since restarting will clear the cache. Along with cleaning cache, all the temporary settings will be reverted to default. These temp settings may be the cause of conflict which caused the error. This is definitely worth giving a shot and seeing if your problem is solved or not. But if your problem is not resolved then move to the next solution.

Turning on the phone in safe mode

If you think that any recently installed app is causing the error, then using safe mode is the best way to check. Safe mode on your phone will allow only the internal apps to run and no other apps. Follow the steps mentioned below to boot your phone in safe mode:

  1. Power off your device and then hold the “power button” until you see the Samsung logo and then release it.
  2. Once the logo is on the screen, press and holds the “volume down” button until safe mode appears. Safe mode will appear written at the bottom left corner of the screen.

NOTE: If the phone did not boot into safe mode then repeat the steps.

Now if the gallery is working properly, then it means that the error is caused by third-party apps (apps downloaded from Google play store or external). Then start your phone normally, then remove the recently downloaded apps and see what works.

Delete the app data

If none of the previous steps are working then deleting the app data should work like a charm. However, if you decide the delete the app, all the gallery face data will be gone. The photos and videos will be still there but the face tags will be gone and reset. This can also solve the error when you transfer the media from internal memory to an external SD card. Follow the steps mentioned below to try out this solution:

  1. Open your smartphone and go to the “Settings” app, then look for “Applications” in the list.
  2. Tap on it and then look for “Application Manager” and tap on it.
  3. Once it opens, tap on “more” or three vertical dots which should be at the top right corner of the screen.
  4. From the “more”, tap on “system apps” and new apps should appear in the list.
  5. Now in the list, locate the “com.samsung.faceservice” in the list of apps and tap on it.
  6. Now the app settings should open and you should be able to see “storage”. Tap on it and then new options should appear.
  7. From the new options, tap on “clear cache” and then tap on “clear data”.
  8. The icon should become grey after it and you should not be able to do it again. This means that the data is cleared and you should restart your phone now.

After restarting you should get the error, but if you getting it then move to the next solution.

Flash Stocking Firmware

In this solution, we try to download and install the firmware which will fix any error or problem which may be facing. However, we would not recommend using this since your entire OS will be rebooted. And the process is lengthy and mostly unnecessary for this minor issue. But if you want to try it for yourself then you can download the firmware from here. And after downloading the firmware, follow these steps:

  1. Download stock firmware.
  2. Now use any firmware flashing tool like this or this.
  3. And then install the firmware in your smartphone.

NOTE: We are not going to see in-depth steps since this is a different topic with a large number of steps.

Using The Package Disabler Pro To Disable Faceservice

Another way of dealing with the error is by disabling the app itself. But if you decide to disable the app, then the features provided by it will stop working. Like, face unlock or face tagging feature in the gallery app. We would discourage using this solution since it may cause another issue to come up in the future. But it’s still an option if you want to use it. Follow the steps to disable the app:

NOTE: This requires root access, and we will not cover it here. If you want to know about rooting then check out this article. But if you have the root access then move on to the steps.

  1. Download the “Package Disabler Pro” from here and install it.
  2. Once installed, open it and then search for “Faceservice”.
  3. Now select the app from the list and then confirm by clicking on “yes”.

After you complete this, the app should stop working and the error will stop popping up.

Factory reset

This is an extreme step since this will remove all of your data and custom settings. We would not suggest a factory resetting the device to solve the simple bug. But if you want to perform a factory reset, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Wake up your device and open “Settings” and then look for “Backup and reset”.
  2. Tap on it and then select “Factory data reset”.
  3. Now new options should appear, tap on “Reset device” and you will be asked to enter the PIN.
  4. After giving the confirmation, your phone will restart multiple starts. This should take some time (10 – 15 minutes) to complete.
  5. Once the process is completed, your device should be as it came in the box.


In the article, we have seen what is com.samsung.faceservice and why we need it in the first place. Along with it we also saw how we can solve it. We would recommend going step by step since we have covered all the steps with incrementing difficulty. But if you are stuck with any of the solutions, then feel free to drop your query in the comment section below.

Do com.samsung.faceservice use a lot of battery?

What does com Samsung face service do and how I can stop the battery drain in this case? If you notice that the battery levels on your device are dropping and on checking find the app using it. Then it means that you are using this app indirectly in form of face recognition and face unlock. And to reduce battery usage, you can turn off the face detection and face unlock. Or you can choose to disable the app directly by visiting the previous section.

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