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How to reset Samsung tv

All configurations will be restored to factory default once users conduct a Factory Reset. Image and audio options, channel menu options (particularly remembered stations), time and timer options, as well as other configurations users might well have altered are all included in this list. Furthermore, if the Television was perfectly configured, the calibration parameters may be lost if the assessment never was performed through the service option. If users merely would like to change one amongst your TV’s settings (for example, image or audio), kindly direct them to the User Guide for instructions about how to do it. The Network Settings would not be affected by a factory reset. Just individually changing network configuration is possible. The pictures following may alter based on the framework of the Television, but the methods for restoring remain the same. This article is all about how to reset Samsung tv?

How to reset Samsung tv
How to reset Samsung tv

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5 Indications Your Samsung Smart TV Needs a System Restore Symptoms

  • Include an irregular picture, no image, no Television station, and no audio from an output source.
  • No audio or garbled noise, unwelcome disturbance, or video and audio performance interruptions.
  • A black display is just not correctly displayed when viewing films, photographs, or previews.
  • Screen Mirroring, USB Streaming, or Throw.
  • The software doesn’t function reliably.

Samsung Smart Television Soft and Hard reset Techniques

Is the Smart Tv stopped or frozen, preventing you from watching your favorite tv series?

It is indeed essential to reset the Smart Tv to factory default settings to just get ahead of this annoying problem.

One may get the Samsung TV to work as it used to by following this simple technique to reset it.

It will guarantee that now the Television sets previous versions are reinstated and therefore it functions properly.

Whenever users restore an original, each of the preferences, particularly stored stations as well as any customized timers or alarms, are returned to factory settings.

If users don’t recalibrate the Television through the service option after having it properly certified, then risk losing the calibration parameters.

Soft Reset Procedures:

  • 1. Get a hold of the remote control.
  • 2. Keep the ‘Power’ key pressed.
  • 3. Take a minute for the project to complete.
  • 4. Once more, tap and hold the power button.
  • 5. The Samsung TV will switch on as soon as you do so.

Hard Reset in accordance With The following:

This master reset technique for a SAMSUNG Smart Television is demonstrated in the following instruction.

As something of a result, the SAMSUNG Smart Television will seem and function fresh.


But, once you do this, keep in mind that all of the personalized preferences will be lost.

All of the recorded, customized stations, and downloaded programs will be lost. So, when users conduct the hard factory reset, users should attempt a soft reset first.

If somehow the reset does not really work, users can perform a hard reset.

  • To turn off the Smart television, press the Power button on the Remote Control.
  • Click the Menu icon to get it to the Main Menu.
  • Choose Support out of a range of choices by using the Up and Down Arrow keys to scroll and the Enter button to verify.
  • Following utilizing Up and Down Arrows to get to Self Diagnosis, press Enter.
  • Over the next step, choose Reset.
  • The television should indeed ask for a pin code. The possible value is 0000.
  • Whenever the disclaimer message displays, click yes with the Left or Right Arrows on the control, then verify with the Enter button.

We have just finished the factory reset process.

How to Reset the Samsung Smart Television to the Default Black Display Settings

If the tv has a black screen and users are not able to view any episodes upon this, users might also want to try the accompanying troubleshooting procedures to fix the issue:

Option 1: Verify that there is power available.

If somehow the power linking cable is too slack or not properly placed into the plug socket, individuals experience this problem.

To prevent catching into this situation, make absolutely sure that almost all of the cables are directly aligned.

Option 2: Double-check your facts

Try to determine if they cause complications from the network provider device.

If users are looking forward to streaming with any DVD player, make certain this is in perfect condition before users start.

Option 3: Reset Samsung Smart Televisions 

Those would be the methods for resetting the Smart Television:

  • Go to the ‘Menu’ section of the tv remote and press the ‘Menu’ button.
  • Click ‘Enter’ after selecting ‘Settings’ first from the drop-down list.
  • To finish a task, select Support then goes to Enter afterward to Self Diagnosis then finally click on Enter.
  • Then hit the Enter button, immediately by the Reset button.
  • Click the “Enter” button after entering the encryption PIN in the corresponding field.
  • But if that doesn’t work, consider upgrading the software on the tv, removing and activating Sleep mode, or contacting technical support.

What about an Audio Reset?

Users could revert the sound-related parameters to their original defaults using this choice.

Balance, Amplifier adjustments, TV mounting kind (wall or stand), HDMI sound type, Audio lag, and Automatic Level are all examples of something like this.

When you have performed manual sound changes but seem to be disappointed with the outcome, you could use the Reset Audio choice to return to the Television sets default sound presets, just the same as users do with the display configurations.

Many parts of the tv’s functioning are unaffected by changing the sound parameters.

By going to Options, tapping on the Audio Settings app, choosing Expert Configurations, and then choosing Reset Sound first from the drop-down list, the original audio configurations could be restored.

Reset the default configuration for the Smart Hub as well as Samsung Account.

A Smart Hub reset resets the Television set’s configuration to its original configuration and fully erases any data pertaining to the Television set accounts for individuals who already own that Samsung Smart Television.

Users will need to rejoin the profile to any applications it was linked back to, as well as re-establish Smart Hub existing contracts after a Smart Hub Reset.

Streaming services that were recently added to the My Applications watching choice would need to be retrieved and re-installed.

Select Settings then go to Support after that browse to Self Diagnosis to reconfigure the Smart Hub configuration.

What is the easiest approach to reset the Samsung Smart Television’s network configuration?

To recover the network configuration on the Samsung Tv, you’ll need to do a hard reset.

This can be done by going to the ‘Self Diagnosis’ section of the TV options’ ‘Support’ option.

Users will be required to input the Security code and obey some on-screen instructions to reset the network configuration at this moment.


I hope all these prescribed methods would help you to achieve resetting your Samsung Smart Tv. As I had tried to cover almost every aspect related to Samsung smart Tv reset it would be convenient for you all to fix the problem. But even though your issue does not get resolved you can contact Samsung customer care or visit any professional technician for fixing your problem.

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