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Smart Hub connection test error code 107

Consider the following situation: you’re enjoying a football tournament on the TV Box, however, there is a problem with the internet service, and suddenly, “Samsung TV error code 107” appears. The smart hub connectivity on the television can be lost on occasions. I am sure this would be the most aggravating event you have ever had. How to fix Smart hub connection test error code 107? To combat the challenges, one must first determine what is the main reason.

Follow the following steps in this guide to correct the problem as soon as possible. While continuing with the steps for resolving this issue, make sure you have the most recent firmware version installed.

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Smart Hub connection test error code 107
Smart Hub connection test error code 107

What does trouble code 107 on a Samsung television mean?

Samsung TV Error Code 107 is an internet problem that can be fixed by either debugging the internet connectivity or switching the television off and then on. To go and get a decent internet connection for your Samsung smart TV, users must modify its DNS configuration. Error Code 107 on the Smart Tv is a warning to monitor the broadband connection. Samsung Smart TV Error Messages are the most common Smart Tvs Fault Issues. The error codes provide instructions for resolving certain bugs and errors with the equipment. This should show codes on the display, one of which differs from the others in that it has its own explanation.

Reasons of Smart Hub connection test error code 107

There seem to be about a thousand possible causes for this error. DNS configuration problem is perhaps the most likely source. It is advised that users establish the primary and secondary DNS configurations on the home network if users use any routers for the broadband service. Let’s discuss many of the other factors.

  • This artificial gateway now has a new application called Smart Home Set-Up. The smart hub claims to put all or most of the functions of a home automation within the palm of one hand. The smart hub will link anyone to everything else in the house just about anywhere in the globe as well that you are having an Internet service. So now you can make sure that smart hub connectivity is working properly.
  • WiFi or Modem not identified: Try to see if the equipment’ WiFi or Internet connections are switched on, and then grab the cell phones to search for accessible WiFi networks. Furthermore, see if there are any gadgets that are interfering with the communication between both the smart hub and the gadgets. Moving them so far apart may improve the voice quality of the gadgets.
  • Old firmware can cause serious problems with the device. They can have an impact on the product’s safety, reliability, and usefulness, among other things. Consumers are being notified by Comcast about such an out-of-date firmware program on certain ARRIS-manufactured Xfinity bridges. Consumers who have certain gateways must take steps to guarantee that they constantly keep collecting  the advantages of the Xfinity Internet subscription.
  • A minor alteration, such as and that is all that users have to perform, can lead to complications. Don’t ever alter the configurations on the smart tv. This could risks severely harming the display if you really do so.
  • Malfunctioning DNS servers have also been a prominent cause of broadband internet outages in the past few years. Whenever the Television can not correctly discover domain names, you will have trouble viewing sites or doing something else that needs Internet connectivity. It is really not uncommon for a non-working global DNS server to force all internet services to collapse.

How to Fix Smart Hub connection test error code 107?

Now have a look at some fixes to correct the error code 107, to achieve the same goal go with the instructions mentioned downwards.

Fix 1: Allow the television, modem, and router to relax.

Whenever a common issue causes the Samsung Home Media Platform’s television to fail, users need to have a rapid fix. The solution is to restart the television. It could be done by switching off the electricity and then putting it back on when a countdown has been set.

How does one power cycle the television?

  • Step 1:Use a remote control to turn off the television, or simply unplug it.
  • Step 2:Take a minute or two.
  • Step 3:Re-install the plugin.
  • What is the procedure for power cycling the modem or router?
  • Step 1:Use a controller to turn off the modem or router, or simply unplug it.
  • Step 2:Take 1-2 minutes before re-plugging.

Fix 2: update your system

Fresh updates and improvements are there to help solve the problem. Make sure that the system is up to date.

What is the best way to keep your television up to date?

  • Step 1:Visit the help desk.
  • Step 2:Choose the software update option.
  • Step 3:The software on the computer has been updated.

Fix 3: Reset the smart hub on the smart tv

Because of various internal faults associated with the smart hub, the Samsung error number 107 appears. The best course of action for recovering each and every important information is to completely reset it. This straightforward and user-friendly procedure will remove all of the apps and data from your smart hub.

What is the procedure for resetting the smart hub?

  • Step 1:Initially navigate to support.
  • Step 2:Choose device care, followed by self-diagnosis.
  • Step 3:Choose Smart Hud Reset 
  • Step 4:Then input the PIN.

Fix 4: Reset the Smart Tv.

A factory reset would bring the Television back to the original configuration, as though it was completely new. There have been no items that are deleted. This might also aid in the resolution of visual and audio problems, as well as the correction of faults such as no audio or a blank display. There seem to be two ways to restore factory settings on a smart Television. A complete reset will be the first, and a half reset is the next. All configurations and information will be restored to presets following a full factory reset, but certain stations might have to be performed manually just after the reset. One can do an incomplete factory reset before returning all configurations to their presets by removing private information such as accounts and upgrades. 

Just certain components of private information are removed, but other adjustable settings remain accessible. Open the product’s built-in menu and select the setup option to do all these resets.

How do users reset the television?

  • Step 1:After that, pick assistance from the settings menu.
  • Step 2:Self-diagnosis is a viable option.
  • Step 3:Input the pin after selecting reset.
  • Step 4:Yes, please verify.
  • Step 5:Now the television has been completely reset, test to see if the situation has been fixed.


The Samsung TV error number 107 is caused solely by network problems. I am confident you’ll be able to correct the problem using the procedures listed above. 

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