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A smart view not finding the TV- 100% Fixed

When you reach a TV shop to purchase a TV, there will be many varieties available. Varieties will depend on sizes, quality of the video, or maybe price range. Smart TV is the biggest attraction of people because we can handle social media by using TV; we can stream any video series, serials, news, music, anything that we wish. But what to do when a smart view not finding the TV?

Nowadays, Samsung smart TVs are becoming more popular, and every person loves to select smart TVs at home. Smart tv can connect our Mobile to a TV, and we can control what to see on TV from our Mobile. Smart TV requires an internet connection for its function. We can connect a mobile hotspot to smart tv using TVs wifi. We can also use a modem or router for operating a smart tv. But the main drawback of smart tv is that if the internet connection is lost, you will not be able to see any program on your tv.

Internet connectivity with high speed is a must for smart tv. If you live in a city like Los Angeles or New York, then there will be no problem with internet speed, but you live far away from the cities, where internet speed is low, you can’t access your smart tv properly at that place.

In this article, I will cover all your queries regarding smart TVs smart views; how to connect smart tv to the internet? How do you operate a TV using your Mobile? What to do if your TV does not find a device? What are simple methods for resolving common issues regarding a smart tv?

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Let’s go and start answering all the questions in your mind.

What is the difference between a smart tv and regular tv?

Smart TV’s other name is Connected TV (CTV). It is entirely different from our regular tv. Regular tv does not have an internet connection, and it requires an antenna and receiver to display serials, movies, news, music, etc. Still, smart tv has the facility to show serials, any video series, and music without any antenna or receiver.

The main important thing about smart tv is that it requires internet with high speed. If your internet connection fluctuates, the video quality and rate become worse. On regular tv, we can’t change the movie displayed on the channel or change the music playing on the channel, and we have to see whatever our tv shows us. But smart tv gives us the option to select what we want to listen to, and we can hear exact movies or music as we wish at any time. Smart TVs are costlier than our regular tv.

How to connect the internet to a smart tv

There are mainly two ways of connecting the internet to smart tv as described below –

1. wired Ethernet -to connect to the internet via wired Ethernet, connect the Ethernet cable of the router to the port of Ethernet on the TV, which is at the backside of the TV. 

Now click on the menu option from remote TV and network settings. Choose to enable wired Ethernet. now enter the wifi password using remote 

2. Built-in wifi- wireless internet connection. You can connect your Mobile’s hotspot also.

Tap on a menu button from the remote of the tv. Click on network settings. Now select the network type to be wireless. It will search for available wifi networks. Now select the appropriate wifi network, enter the password, and click on done. 

How to enable the Smart View feature in a SMART TV?

A smart view is a mirror image of your smartphone on a TV. You can stream Netflix, Hotstar, amazon prime videos on your TV using your smartphone.

To enable this smart view to follow the above steps 

  1. drag the notification panel from your Mobile. 
  2. check for smart view options In the notification panel and select them. 
  3. tv model no. will be displayed on the mobile screen.
  4. select desired TV model no. 
  5. click on connect tv model no. 
  6. you will get one notification on TV for permission to connect; select allow to permit to Connect Mobile. 

The process is done, and now you can see all data from Mobile to your smart TV. 

What to do if a smart view not finding the TV?

Thus problems arise many times while operating a smart tv. There are so many causes of smart views not finding TV. But internet connectivity is most of the cause of this issue, and rebooting is a standard solution. 

Let us discuss possible reasons why the smart view is not finding TV and its solution deeply. 

1. internet connectivity problem

You have a stable internet connection with sufficient speed for the smooth working of screen mirroring. If the network is unstable, you will face video quality problems, or the video will stop playing. If the network speed is slow, your TV will disconnect from the smart view, and you have to reconnect it. 

The best solution for this issue is to connect your smartphone and TV to the same network. To cross-check the network slide notification bar, open wifi options, and check for the network name. For checking TVs wifi, click on the menu option of TVs remote, then select general and tap on the network; after that, open network settings:

  1. Choose a wireless option from network type.
  2. Check for connected wifi names.
  3. Make sure that both smartphones and TV are connected to the same network.

2. phone compatibility problem 

It should be ensured that the smart view feature is enabled in your smartphone for connecting to a tv. Keep in mind that Not every smartphone is compatible with the smart view. Some smartphones have an inbuilt smart view, or in some smartphones, we have to download a third-party app for accessing a smart view. There is no guarantee that a third-party app will easily connect tv to a smart view. Some difficulties will be created if your Mobile is not compatible with the smart view. Check your smartphone’s manual for checking compatibility, or you can google it. It is the main issue for smart view not finding TV. 

3. TV compatibility problem 

To connect a smart view to smart tv, not only is smartphone-compatible enough, but your TV may also cause issues. If your TV does not support smart view features, then smart view will not connect to a tv. If your TV does not have an inbuilt feature for Accessing smart view, you can use an external device to connect with your smartphone.

Check for an HDMI port to your smart TV. If it is available, your path becomes easy to connect tv to an intelligent view. You can use any third-party dongle or get Chromecast to use a smart view, and it is available at a very low cost. Nowadays, all newer smart TVs come with an inbuilt Chromecast, but if you have purchased an older version, you can buy Chromecast. 

So there will be no issue if your TV does not have a smart view accessing the feature. You can easily make it possible at a very low price. 

4. Restarting both devices

If your TV and smartphone are both cantabiles and have a stable internet connection, restarting may help you. 

Restart both your TV and smartphone and again try to connect the smart view to a tv. Maybe this solution works if you have to satisfy the above-mentioned three conditions. 

5. download the smart things app. 

It is a third-party app for connecting smart views to a smart TV developed by Samsung.

Download the smartThings app from the play store, free of cost.

for smart mirroring of your Mobile on TV using smart things follow the above steps 

  • 1. tap on the smartthings app from your mobile
  • 2. click on search device
  • 3. list of available devices will be displayed; choose your desired device from the list. 
  • 4. one notification will pop up for turning on the cloud; tap on turn on. 
  • 5. it will take some time to connect a tv to a mobile. 
  • 6. to start screen mirroring, slide down the notification panel and tap on the connected device
  • 7. list of options is opened; tap on the mirror screen.
  • 8. One notification will pop up on TV for allowing screen mirroring 
  • 9. click on allow
  • 10. it will take some time to connect.

Now you can see mobile content on TV. You can now stream any video, and audio can also stream amazon prime video, Hotstar, Netflix, mx player, etc. 


A smart view is one such feature that allows users to stream video handling social media, and you can mirror the screen to experience a better experience of watching. Sometimes you may experience problems with connecting smart views with TV. But it is not a bigger issue, and you can quickly fix it. 

I hope that all your queries regarding the smart view are solved.

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