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How to connect iPhone to Samsung Tv without wifi?

Since their introduction to the globe, mobile phones and televisions have advanced in leaps and bounds. As a result of these advancements, phone companies such as Apple and Samsung have expanded their product lines to include smart TVs. Ideally, this requires Wifi, but Can you connect an iPhone to a Samsung Tv without wifi?

You would not be able to use AirPlay if your Samsung TV isn’t connected to the internet. Without WiFi, your device will be unable to identify another device. There may, however, be some methods to get around this.

Because AirPlay uses WiFi and is the simplest method to project from your iPhone, you can use mirroring to cast your phone’s contents to your Samsung tv. This post will teach you how to link your iPhone to a Samsung TV using no Wi-Fi.

How to connect an iPhone to a Samsung Tv without wifi
How to connect iPhone to Samsung Tv without wifi?

To begin, what precisely is screen mirroring?

When you use screen mirroring, sometimes referred to as screen sharing, you can show data from your mobile device or tablet on a television screen. To reflect your screen, you may utilize a wired or wireless connection. Wireless screen mirroring provides the advantage of needing no extra cables or connections. 

You are probably looking for a way to construct a screen mirror without utilizing any cables. Many phones, like the iPhone, now have wireless display capabilities as a consequence of recent technological breakthroughs. To use the technology, all you need is a smart tv or a wireless adaptor that can link to a television. One of these gadgets will receive a wireless signal from your phone and connect it to your TV.

Apple’s wireless display technology, AirPlay, is built into iPhones and other Apple devices. The most significant benefit of Airplay tech is that it enables you to watch movies, music, photos, and other material on your television from your iPhone.

AirPlay 2 technology is incorporated into TVs from Samsung, Sony, Vizio, and LG Smart Tv. Easy-to-use controls will show on your lock screen, applications, and control center to help you manage this function.

  • Pros: Simple to use, connect, no cords required, share anything from your iPhone to your smart TV, operates without internet, share any app
  • Cons: When screen mirroring, the iPhone is not useful; the phone screen must be on (drains power); alerts are displayed on the TV.

What is the best way to mirror an iPhone to a Samsung TV??

To mirror your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to your Samsung tv, follow these steps:

  • Follow the directions to mirror your iPhone to your Samsung tv.  Ensure that your iPhone is on the same Wi-Fi connection as your Samsung tv.
  • The control center is accessible on iPhone X and subsequent devices, and iPads running iPadOS 13 or later. On iPhone 8 or before, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to access the control center.
  • Pick the screen mirroring option.
  • Opt for an AppleTV or AirPlay 2-supported smart TV.
  • Input the Airplay passcode from your television into your iPhone.
  • Stop mirroring by going to the command center, selecting screen mirroring, and then stopping mirroring.

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How does Screencasting work?

  • Pros: Simple to use and connect; no cords required; enables you to use your phone and TV at the same time; phone screen may be turned off.
  • Cons: Some smart TVs have limited screencasting capabilities, and just a few applications support it.

Screencasting is similar to screen mirroring, however, it only allows you to share one app at a time.

Screencasting is equivalent to screen mirroring, except that you’re just sharing one app at a time. Only a few applications, however, support it. The finest example is YouTube. To get started, follow these steps:

  • On both your iPhone and as well as on your Samsung tv, open the YouTube app.
  • Locate the TV code on your smart TV and paste it into the YouTube app.
  • On your iPhone, start a video and hit the cast iron.
  • That’s about it. If your iPhone and tv are both connected to the network, you wouldn’t even need to enter in the TV code to for it to function.

How Do I Screen Mirror My iPhone To My Television Without Using Wi-Fi?

If you do not have access to a fast or consistent internet connection, you can screen mirror to your Samsung TV using the techniques below:

Use Apple’s Airplay peer-to-peer functionality.

  • Make use of Apple’s Airplay peer-to-peer technology. This feature is useful when you need to screen share without the internet. Keep in mind that this feature is only available on Apple TV 4th Generation or Rev A.
  • Your third-generation rev A should have Apple TV OS 7.0 or later loaded. Additionally, you should have iOS 12 or newer to access this feature.

Using Samsung TV’s Peer-to-Peer Airplay feature, you can display content from your iPhone on the TV.

  • The first step is to disconnect your Apple TV and iOS devices from all other Wi-Fi networks. The peer-to-peer functionality will not operate if your devices are linked to a wireless network. 
  • Go to the settings menu on your Apple TV and disable the Wi-Fi through the network configuration. The ‘forget network’ option can be found in the network settings folder in the settings app on your iOS device.
  • Join the Bluetooth network with both devices. The peer-to-peer option uses Bluetooth to interact with each other because it is a wireless function. On the Apple TV, the Bluetooth capability is usually turned on. You must, however, ensure that it is compatible with the iOS device.
  • Now, on your iOS device, switch on the Wi-Fi. Despite the fact that you will not be using a Wi-Fi connection, this function will make communication between the two devices easier.
  • Apple’s iOS control centre includes AirPlay controls and a screen mirroring capability. If you don’t see the option, try moving your devices closer together. If the screen mirroring function remains unavailable after this, reboot your iOS device.
  • Your Apple TV will show in the list of devices when you select the screen mirroring option. On the TV screen, you will see a password/passcode. This password must be entered into your phone in order to initiate the connection.

Connect the HDMI port to the Apple Lightning Adapter.

  • Connect an Apple Charger cord to the HDMI port on your Samsung TV to mirror your iPhone. This procedure is very straightforward, and you will obtain the desired result nearly soon.
  • Through the bottom portion of the connector and an HDMI cable, the Apple Lightning connection links your iPhone to a television.
  • Connect your Apple iPhone to any of the available ports. After that, connect the HDMI cable to your Samsung television and the Apple Lightning Connector to your device, and the data of your device will appear on your screen instantly.
  • Another advantage of this technology is that it could be used on any TV screen, not only Apple TVs. All you must do to halt this operation is unhook the connections.
  • This approach may also be used with various connection cables. However, for optimal performance, you should stick with the Apple Lightning Connector.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it feasible to connect an iPhone to a television without the use of WiFi?

Yes, you can connect your iPhone to a TV without using WiFi. However, you must make certain that your television is up to date. It must be a smart TV with the aforementioned characteristics. You may also use a dedicated gadget to cast your phone’s content to your Samsung tv. However, you must be aware of your Samsung tv’s many features and characteristics.

How can I mirror my iPhone to my TV if I do not have WiFi?

For screen mirroring, an HDMI cable may be used. This is a fun solution, but it requires the usage of an HDMI connection. There would be no need for Wifi, and you could use your iPhone while sitting in a chair while it was linked to your smart TV. Furthermore, if your Samsung tv enables airplay, you might mirror it without using WiFi. It is also probable to mirror your iPhone using the Google Chromecast gadget.

How can I wirelessly link my iPhone to my samsung Tv?

You may utilize screen mirroring to connect your iPhone to your smart TV wirelessly, as discussed before. You may also utilize a Chromecast device. However, such functionalities should be supported by your smart TV. If that is the case, go to your phone’s and smart TV’s settings and follow the instructions. Plus, if you perform a simple search online, you can get a tutorial.


It is entertaining to watch the videos on a larger screen. You could love viewing them on your phone, but seeing them on TV is more exciting. Since there may be no wireless network in your immediate vicinity or you may have an unresponsive wireless network, 

Make sure you get a smart TV that has these features. Screen mirroring, for example, should be supported by your smart TV. You can use an HDMI cable to but there will be a wire connecting your phone to your smart TV so it’s not technically wireless

Getting a gadget like Google Chromecast, which allows you to mirror your iPhone to the TV, is the most cost-effective solution. Make certain that you are aware of all pertinent features and specifications before proceeding. Before you come to a decision, read the product specifications for your smart TV. Your phone should also be compatible with and capable of supporting such advanced functions.

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