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Samsung TV won’t turn on- 100% Fixed

What could be more frustrating than setting things for a wonderful movie weekend only to discover that Samsung TV won’t turn ON? How does this occur if it worked flawlessly previously and there was no indication of a problem? What would you be doing, most notably?

Thankfully, this does not indicate that the television is malfunctioning. This problem can usually be resolved in a matter of moments. We will teach you how and when to repair a Samsung smart television set that won’t switch on in this post.

Samsung TV won't turn on
Samsung TV won’t turn on

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Current televisions are far more complicated than older models. This implies that anything else from the tv remote to that same wire might be the source of the problem. When users begin freaking out, make sure the control is powered and that the Samsung smart Television is connected to a source of electricity. We understand that it may appear absurd, yet individuals are prone to forget such details.

If this isn’t the case, pay attention to the standby indicator. The fact that the led is already on, out, or blinking says a great deal. We recommend that users use it as a starting point. If your Samsung TV can’t just turn on, here’s how to fix it.

Do not really call a maintenance man just still if that Samsung Television did not turn on. We have always had the alternative of confirming the diagnosis and resolving it within your own, which will save us cash. Although if you’re not even particularly tech-savvy, rebooting a few of these televisions is fairly simple.

So, if your Samsung Television would not power on, how can you reset it? Just disconnect the power cord and pull down the Television sets on or off button for ten seconds when it is not previously unplugged. Withdraw the palm from the key, reconnect the Television, and allow for it to switch on after being reset. Read on to know what to do to reset a Samsung Television that would not switch on. The post discusses everything you need to know on what to do and how to detect the issue. Continue reading to find out some more.

Examine the Power Cord

First of all and foremost, keep in mind the television is turned on. While you’re not watching, a kid, pet, or air cleaner could accidently yank your Television cord out from the plug.

If indeed the cable was disconnected, simply reconnect it and wait for the Television to restart.

Check to see if the controller’s cells are gone.

Then, consider switching on the television with both the controller and the television. Begin with the remote control, then move over to the TV switch. If indeed the TV push button functions but the control does not, the remote most likely requires fresh batteries. Something may be to fault if none of these methods succeed.

One may use the Television to repair the control if that isn’t functioning but the cells are completely new. Your cells will also most probably be the source of the problem, but that isn’t always the case.

Situation 1: The Standby Indicator Has Been Turned On

It’s a positive sign if the standby indicator is still on. If the Samsung smart television is connected into a source of electricity, the standby indicator should always be on after it is switched off. If the Samsung TV won’t turn on, the issue is most likely with the tv remote.

As a result, try turning on the Samsung Television by pushing the Television sets Power switch. Ideally, this will switch on, indicating that the problem was not with the Television. Users could now turn their attention to debugging the remote control. It’s possible that you’ll really have to reset the tv remote. Disconnect the cells, after which push and click on The button for 8 seconds. Afterward, replace the batteries and start by turning on the Television set with the remote. If that’s still not operating, it’s possible that the cells need to be replaced.

However, if users are unable to switch on the Samsung smart television set by pushing the Power switch, users should approach the Samsung Support Service. We recommend that you contact us as quickly as possible. If you are not an expert, attempting to repair it yourself may cause a lot of problems.

Situation 2: The Standby Light Has Been Turned Off

This might imply one of two factors whenever the standby switch is switched off. Maybe the Samsung smart television set is switched off or does not have electricity. The standby indicator on the Samsung smart television turns off whenever you’re viewing something out there, as some of you may understand. As a result, it’s possible that the television is turned on and that the display is black and users can’t have something.

One can check if the Television set is on by pressing whatever switch on the remote control with the exception of the Power switch. If something comes on the display, the television has already been turned on. Nevertheless, there could be a multitude of causes why it isn’t operating right. Go ahead and share the very next part about the dark display to figure out what one can do. If on the other side, the Samsung smart television does not respond whenever users push whatever key, it could be experiencing electrical problems. Remove this from a source of electricity and verify to see if the electricity supply is still operational. One can also experiment with some other devices, such as a light or a power adapter. Following thirty seconds, if the source of electricity is okay, users can put the Television set back in, and the issue of Samsung TV won’t turn on will be fixed!

Many consumers tend this to be beneficial, and the Samsung smart television set’s resumed normal operation as though nothing had occurred. If the television somehow doesn’t come on or begins to flicker, users must ask the Service Center.

The Television set is turned on, but the screen is blank.

The source of electricity is operational, and the television is turned on, but still nothing appears on the display. In just this instance, it’s possible that the external entity, not the Television, is the root cause of the problem. Try the HDMI cable immediately. It is indeed possible that it isn’t securely attached and that this is damaged.

Just after a few minutes, remove the wire and re-plug it. Unless anything improves, it’s time to get a new Extension cable.

Situation 3:The Standby Light Is Blinking 

Customers are well aware that it is the most aggravating scenario. There seem to be, nevertheless, a few options available to us. To begin, try unplugging your television. Reconnect it after 30 seconds and attempt to convert it around without the tv remote.

Examine the surge suppressors when you’re using any if this doesn’t work. People have a habit of forgetting about things, and they can become worn out overage. Perhaps they can’t give sufficient electricity for the Television any longer. The great news is they’re not ridiculously overpriced and simple to repair.

If this is not the case, one should call the Samsung Support Service. A blinking beacon on the Television set signals an issue with the electricity or a part in contributing. Again, attempting to repair it yourself is extremely dangerous, and it’s probably best to leave this to an expert.

Don’t try too many new things.

There is indeed a plethora of information available online, and many individuals profess to have mended the Samsung Television sets. Nevertheless, take into account that Samsung Television sets come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and what works for one won’t exactly function for any and all.

This is why, rather than exploring each available alternative for the issue of Samsung TV won’t turn on! Experts constantly recommend contacting the Help Desk. After all, it’s okay to try certain basic solutions and investigate under your own. If indeed the problems continue, it’s best to seek technical counseling.

The Support Department will be capable of offering visitors with much more exact information if we contact them


I hope you can find this guide helpful and be able to repair your television if Samsung TV won’t turn on. As you all are able to see, most problems are caused by other gadgets and energy supply rather than the Samsung smart Television set. The much more important thing is to ensure your composure. Users will be able to fix any issue after that. Don’t worry if the Samsung smart television won’t switch on properly. There really are numerous possible issues, the majority of which may be resolved in a matter of moments. If the Samsung smart television isn’t turning on, all we should do is conduct a hard reset. Once more, disconnecting the Television and pressing down your power key for ten seconds is all that is required. The setup ought to be simple enough for a child to do!

Examining all of the red signal warnings while restoring the Samsung smart television set to ensure that there is something easier isn’t the problem. The issue might be as basic as old batteries or a disconnected cable. Best of luck!

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