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Fastboot OEM device-info

In this article, we will learn about the Fastboot OEM device-info.

What is Fastboot?

There are two methods to update your smartphone. The first is to update via OTA. In OTA, update updates are shown in the update section of your device. With this method, you can easily update your device. In the 2nd method, you can update your android device manually. So, the mode in which we update our device manually is called the Fastboot mode. Fastboot is an amazing tool for an android. It is connected with the Android SDK. If this mode is enabled on your device, you can download and install any ROM on your device. If you are using a Samsung device you can change its rom to another device rom.

There is only one problem: companies locked this feature for users. It is an amazing tool with high risk because this option is directly connected to your system so if you made any mistake while installing another rom your device could damage it badly. Whenever you update your device via the Fastboot method you will lose your smartphone’s data and when you unlock this Fastboot feature on your phone then you will lose the warranty of your device. So, make sure before unlocking this feature that if your device gets any damage through this or via another problem you can’t use your warranty for that. Smartphone companies will warn you whenever you try to unlock this feature about warranty and the damage if you did something wrong. 

How to get into Fastboot mode

Now the question is how to enter in fastboot mode. So there are different methods for every smartphone company. If you have a smartphone that doesn’t have any home button. Then first, switch off your phone. Now hold the power button(circular or square button)  and the volume down button for 5-6 seconds. After pressing for 5-6 seconds your device will get vibrated and you will get into the fastboot mode of your device. If you have a smartphone that has a home button. Then first switch off your smartphone. Now press and hold the power, volume down, and the home button together. After pressing for 5-6 seconds your device will get vibrated and you will get into the fastboot mode of your device. 

The above method is called the keys method. In them, you get in the fastboot method via your phone keys. But if you are feeling difficulty or any problem in this don’t worry there are other methods as well.  So first download the ReiBoot for an android app by clicking on it here.  After downloading, install this app on your pc. Enable USB debugging in your smartphone. Now connect your phone to your pc. Open ReiBoot for android and click on “One-click to enter fastboot mode”. After this, your device will get in the fastboot mode in several seconds. 

There is one more method to enter in the fastboot mode by using ADB.

  • First, download ADB by clicking here.
  • Now open the system settings of your smartphone.
  • Then go to the About phone section and touch on the build number several times. After 5-6 clicks you will see a popup “you are now a developer”. This means you enable the developer option of your smartphone.
  • Now open the developer menu from the system settings of your smartphone and enable the USB debugging option from there.
  • Now connect your computer with your pc. After this open, the Command prompt on your PC.
  • Now extract the downloaded ADB zip file. After extracting a folder will make from this called platform-tools.
  • Write ADB in commands. Now check that your device is connected or not in the platform-tools folder.

If your device is connected you can enter easily into fastboot mode by entering the “ADB reboot faster” command. 

What is Fastboot OEM device-info?

Fastboot OEM device-info is a command of fastboot when you enter this command in the command line it will show you the information of your device. This command is mostly used for checking the bootloader status of your device. If the search result showing that the device unlocked is true that means the bootloader of your device is unlocked. 

How to use Fastboot OEM device-info command

fastboot OEM device-info

This command is mostly used for checking the bootloader unlock status, so before using that let’s learn how to unlock the bootloader first.

How to unlock the bootloader?

So, we learned above that Smartphone companies lock their Fastboot mode from users. So, if you want to access the fastboot mode you must unlock it first. This method is called the bootloader unlock. So now we will learn how someone can unlock the bootloader.

  • To enable bootloader first, enable the developer option from the above method.
  • After this opens, the developer option, where you will see the option of OEM unlock, enables this option.
  • After this, they will show you an option if you really want to unlock it an option.
  • Click on enable. Now power off your device. Hold the Bixby and volume down button for 5-6 seconds.
  • Next, connect your smartphone to a PC. Now press and hold the volume up button. Remember this method will delete all your data from your smartphone.
  • After this, some files will download and your device’s bootloader will unlock. Remember this method also deletes the warranty of your device. 

How to check the status of the bootloader?

Now we have unlocked the bootloader of our device. Now we have to check if it is really unlocked or not. So to check the status of the bootloader, enter the below command in the command line.

fastboot oem device-info

When you enter this command on the command line the result will show you all the information of your device. Now if it shows the device unlocked true that means the bootloader of your device is unlocked and if it shows device unlocked false then the bootloader of your device is still locked.


Fastboot is a great tool to upgrade, fix any bug, or install any third-party apps on your device and its command is very useful to check the bootloader unlocked status of your device.  In this article, we learned what Fastboot commands are and how to unlock the bootloader. Hopefully, this article increases your knowledge.


Q1. Can Fastboot harm my device?

Solution: Fastboot doesn’t harm your device but if you make any mistake while unlocking it or while using it will harm your device for sure. So, make sure before using it. 

Q2, Can I root my device without unlocking the bootloader?

Solution: You can’t root your device without unlocking the bootloader. First, unlock the bootloader and after that think about rooting. 

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