Best YouTube vanced alternatives

You may or may not have heard about YouTube Vanced. We use YouTube a lot in our daily life. Sometimes to watch songs, movies, cooking recipes, etc. So, if you have used YouTube, then you must have been irritated and bored by the many in-between advertisements interrupting the video. So, to avoid these advertisements, YouTube … Read more

How to create a trendy Google Web Story?

This article is for the Google Web Story Developer and is divided into several important sections. All the checkpoints of the Google Web Story must be cleared before publishing it, so that the webstory gets trend/ranked on google without any issue. Let’s see how to create a Google web story in just 1 min? Important … Read more

How to text someone who blocked you

Sometimes it becomes heartbreaking if somebody blocks you on SMS or WhatsApp, but it is impossible to text someone who blocked you. This tutorial will not be about hacking and illegal methods. We will use some glitches and legal ways to break walls between us in a very easy and fast way to complete the … Read more

Why does my phone say no network connection?

If you’ve ever had a problem connecting to a Wi-Fi network on your smartphone, you’re not alone. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common network connection problems and how to solve them. It’s not unusual for your smartphone to go offline during periods of network congestion. But why … Read more

Spotlight App

In the present, all things are digital, and there are apps for every service, including apps that perform calculations to applications to process payments. We download a variety of applications. Thanks to an easy tool known as”the Spotlight search. This tool is designed to make life simpler and more efficient. Our goal is to make … Read more

Why is my hotspot not working?

Hello guys, I hope you all are doing fine amidst these tough times. So recently, I was at a gathering with my friends and scrolling through social media through my mobile data. One of my friends happened to run out of his daily mobile data limit and I offered him to share mine through hotspot. … Read more The S Voice

Do you want to know what is, where it is used for, and how to use S Voice. We have made a complete guide for you to get all the things about com samsung android svoiceime. You need 5 min only to go through the whole article, so let’s dive into it. What is … Read more

CPU Fan Error: What it is and How to Fix It

Are you facing CPU Fan Error? And having a lot of trouble due to this? Same here I was a few days ago. My PC fan stuck due to some reason which I search a lot. And thanks to technology, every problem has its solution, finally, I fixed it. What about you! Here I am … Read more

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