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Samsung game service notification

Are you getting Samsung game service notification all the time! Samsung’s Game Optimizing service causes the device memory usage to skyrocket and negatively impacts overall performance. The optimization service runs in the background, and if triggered, the game optimizing service will keep the device in low performance. Samsung has recommended turning off this feature at night, but some users may not want to disable this. The Game Optimizing service uses a part of your phone’s processor and memory to maximize performance for games. Several new devices have been reporting that a game has been running in the background even when they haven’t installed any game. There are now also notes that it automatically restarted the device at some point to prevent a crash.

Samsung game service notification
Samsung game service notification

In short, the Game Optimizing service optimizes a game by slowing down the handset’s performance. As a result, it helps you use your phone for games that require lots of processing without running the risk of your phone overheating. Unfortunately, the Galaxy S8 running Game Optimizing Services not only made the device run hotter for no apparent reason, but it was also using up a bunch of batteries. The solution isn’t complicated and doesn’t require root or custom recovery, but you’ll have to dig deep into the settings app.

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Annoying Samsung game service notification:

One solution is to disable “Track Marketing” under the Game Launcher settings menu, which will prevent the apps from sharing marketing data but will not remove any notifications (though they’ll still appear in the notification tray). To stop the statements, you have to dig into the launcher’s app permissions for each game that has them.

For example, 

  1. In Forza Motorsport 7, you have to uninstall and reinstall the game entirely. 
  2. Before uninstalling, take the necessary backup.
  3. Then turn off “background data” in its settings menu. 
  4. To get rid of them, you must disable all notifications from the Game Launcher.

Disabling notification is something we don’t recommend doing if you want to play any games requiring it.

How to stop Samsung game service notification?

The only way to completely stop seeing these pop-up messages is to uncheck the box as best we can determine. Then, show notifications about new games and game-related content” in the Notifications area under Settings > General. This, however, will disable all notifications from Game Launcher, including messages from App Store games. The notification from app store games is important because it has displayed the new updates. At the same time, large quantities of advertisements reach the users, which is quite annoying. Many massive, big companies have been trying to find ways to get users to pay attention to ads. While users can opt out of receiving these ads, it is inconvenient and will cause them to have to set up another account. 

On the other hand, you can altogether disable ads from the Game Launcher by purchasing any paid app for $1.99 or more or gift an app worth at least $1.99 to your friends. But, of course, this is the bare minimum you would have to pay to get rid of these ads anyway, so we aren’t sure why you can’t just shell out that amount (or more) to permanently remove them from your Android device through Google Play Store settings.

Other ways – 2021!

While the app is enabled, launch it and tap the cog icon in the upper right corner. Uncheck the “Allow Notifications” option in the Notification Controls menu. You can pick and choose which types (if any) of notifications you’d like to receive from Game Launcher. Next, go to Settings > Notifications. You’ll see a category for Game Launcher. Tap it and enable notifications for Game Launcher.

Tap on this section to edit and turn off all types of notifications. Firstly, go down to Notifications at the very bottom of the page. A list will pop up which shows the “Allow notifications” option. Tap the ON/OFF switch next to it and choose Off. Now you can change it to “appear on the lock screen.”

Finally, scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap “Sync and Notifications.” In this section, make sure that all notifications are set off.

The next step

Once you’ve done it, the Game Optimizing notification should disappear. However, Suppose you want to see what the Game Optimizer is doing without the capability to stop it. In that case, you can do this: 

Before deleting the app cache, turn off your Bluetooth and wi-fi and uninstall ALL applications associated with Game Optimizing Marketing.

If you’ve downloaded the Game Optimizer, you might get alerts from the Game Launcher. Do note that you will need to repeat these steps if a new version of the Game Launcher is released. If you have done this correctly, the Game Optimizing notifications and functionality should no longer appear on your handset.  Yet, stopping all Game Optimizing notifications means that you will also lose access to all of the Game Launcher’s other features, such as screen-off gestures and the Ad Block feature.

Warp up:

The notifications still appear though you can only dismiss them. We’d like to see this addressed in a future update because, as it stands now, they’re more of an annoyance than a boon to the experience. Otherwise, though, game performance is smooth and stable. Ideally, you should prevent the Samsung Game Optimizing notifications from appearing in the first place. However, if you have already been hit by the message, there is a way to stop it from happening again. This method of blocking the game by optimizing notifications is different from the other methods because it focuses on blocking them completely. 

There are many different ways to get rid of the game optimizing messages. However, if you root your phone, you can easily block these notifications from coming up. But if you already have a rooted Samsung Galaxy device, this method will do it for you. It is straightforward and only takes a few seconds to complete. So don’t wait any longer. Make the changes. If you find any other simple ways, Make a comment below. 

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