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How to Backup Samsung Phone

It’s extremely frustrating to lose your personal information when you own an iPhone, particularly when you update it often. People who have updated their mobile phone several times have experienced this. It’s a great habit to regularly backup your data to the cloud because this allows you to restore it if something similar to what occurred to you happens in the near future. Learn how to backup the data on your Samsung phone.

This guide will help you to backup all the information that is stored within the Samsung phone. This includes movies, photos contacts, messages music, documents, notes as well as a range of other information. You’ll require a Samsung account as well as an Microsoft account to be able to finish this process. Both accounts are necessary. Let’s get started.

How to Backup Samsung Phone

What is Samsung Cloud however?

Samsung Cloud Samsung Cloud is cloud backup service that lets users backup their phone as well as other device data to Samsung servers. The service allows users to save their files on the cloud. It’s possible to backup various data on your device, including your contact list as well as text messages, call logs programs, your the home screen, calendar and even your clock.

It was that all data could be saved via Samsung Cloud however, in 2021, Samsung Cloud pulled the support of Gallery Sync along with My Files from the cloud storage service. Since that time, Samsung Cloud has been in a position to not backup any of the data.

This means that Samsung Cloud will no longer be able to backup your photos, videos and other documents that are stored in your mobile device. Instead, you will need to make use of Microsoft OneDrive to accomplish what you need. In most cases, Samsung Cloud will not save anything else than minimal data.

Let’s see the ways to backup all the data to the Samsung device now you’ve got background information.How do I Backup Samsung Phone

How to create a backup of the information on your Samsung account using Your Galaxy Phone

  • In the event that you choose to are using Samsung Internet rather than Google Chrome as the default browser on your Android device. In this case you’ll be required to back up your browser separately from the app, so that you can keep all your bookmarks, the pages you’ve stored, tabs open and shortcuts, for quick access. This is how you go about taking care of that:
  • Start your Samsung Internet app, and then click More from the menu which appears within the toolbar.
  • Go to the Settings menu, then choose Sync using Samsung Cloud in the dropdown menu. Then, click the Sync now button, and let the process end.
  • If you like Samsung apps over the ones offered by Google the procedure for making backups is basically identical for all.

guide to backup your Samsung phone’s Files and Documents onto Microsoft OneDrive

After we’ve discussed how to backup your Gallery content (including videos, images and GIFs) Let’s look at how you can backup your files (docs sheets, slides, documents and PDFs, audio files and more.). You’ll need to have a Microsoft account for this. If you don’t have one, you must create it now.

Be aware that the longer it’ll take you to backup your entire data the more data you’ll have. There is 5 gigabytes in storage on the free version of Microsoft OneDrive. Then, you’ll be able to upgrade to a premium account if you discover that you are taking an excessive amount of videos and images with high resolution.

  • Open with the Samsung Gallery app, then click the hamburger menu in the upper left corner.
  • Click to continue after you have selected Settings and Sync With OneDrive in the drop-down menu.
  • After you have logged into the account on your Microsoft account and connected with your Samsung account by clicking Connect, head through the accept button.
  • Press Next when the accounts are connected successfully.
  • There is the possibility of choosing an OneDrive membership plan. Tap the icon marked “Close,” and then select “Stay Standard” from the options.
  • After you’ve completed creating the settings for your Microsoft account and you have succeeded in connecting it with the Samsung Cloud, tap the Done button.
  • Once you’ve done that After that, you’ll be directed to the settings of your Gallery. Check that the switch that says “Sync With OneDrive” is in the “on” position.
  • Press the Sync OneDrive button to see additional options. If you aren’t seeing your photos synchronizing to OneDrive immediately You can force the sync by clicking the Sync now button. You can also select the albums you wish to sync and which ones you would prefer not to sync while doing this.

Step-by-Step Guide for backing up your Samsung Phone’s Data

  • Start The Samsung My Files app, and then choose OneDrive from the available storage options to sign in.
  • Click Yes once you’ve successfully signed into Your Microsoft account. You can now keep your files on OneDrive It is a cloud-based storage service. Transfer or copy all your data from storage of your phone to an SD memory card, or to internal storage, and later upload the files to OneDrive.
  • Click OneDrive from the main page to see all the files that were moved and then click the menu that has three dots, and choose”Sync” from the menu dropdown.
  • Take a look at our instructional guide on backing up to your smartphone using Google services if you’d rather utilize Google Drive as well as Google Photos rather than Microsoft OneDrive. This tutorial will help you understand how to backup the content on your phone.

MobileTrans Walkthrough: Make an Backup of your Samsung Device to Your Computer

MobileTrans from Wondershare can be, with no doubt, the easiest solution to backup your Samsung tablet or phone directly to your computer. You can backup everything on your device to your PC in just a single click, and then utilize MobileTrans to access it any time you require it.

  • It is able to backup eight types of data, which include audio, contacts videos, images (Gallery) messages, calendars calls logs, calendars, and applications data.
  • You can choose to backup of all the data stored on your Samsung phone or choose the various types of data you wish to preserve.
  • Instead of overwriting backups stored on the device, it is able to keep multiple copies.
  • Later on, you will be able to transfer this backup to the same device or another device by using MobileTrans Restore. Restore.
  • MobileTrans Backup can be downloaded at no charge, and requires only a few technical skills to use and does not ask the root for access.

Making use of MobileTrans to save the information on you Samsung device to your PC is a matter of following a few steps that are described in this article to make it easier for you.

1. Launch the application, and ensure that your device is connected.

For the first step, you’ll have first to download and install MobileTrans to Backup to your computer. You can then utilize the software whenever you require backing up the data on your Samsung phone to your computer. Connect the Samsung device and your PC via an USB cable, and go to the “Backup and Restore” option within MobileTrans after you’ve completed this.

2. Choose the various types of data you’d like to keep

MobileTrans: Backup will detect snapshots when your device is connected to it. It will also provide you with an array of types of data that you can add to your backup files. To backup the data on your Samsung phone, select what you would like to save and click”Start. “Start” button.

Third step: Check that the backup process was successfully completed

Since MobileTrans – Back can save your data, all you have to do is sit for an extended period of time. During this time, do not unplug your phone. The Samsung phone can be unplugged from your computer with no hassle after the process has been completed.

Methods to Repair the data on your device

Once you’ve successfully backup your data After backing up your data, the second step would be to find out what you can do to recover it. If you upgrade to the same device and upgrade it to brand new Samsung phone the process of recovering information will be easy and takes less time.

Then, go into Settings > Accounts > Settings and backup, restore data and then select your phone from the menu dropdown. First, sign into the account you have created with your Samsung account. You will be able view all the data saved to the Samsung Cloud. To begin the process you need to tap to the Restore button. It is possible to select the option to install backup apps on the new phone If so, tap Install.

That’s it for now! Be patient and let the process take its course. If you decide to upgrade to a new phone brand, you’ll be able to access the information that was stored on your prior Samsung device. To access this information, you need to launch your browser on the internet and login into account on your Samsung Cloud account.

A Different Method of Backup of Data using Samsung Smart Switch Samsung Smart Switch

Do not fret if all of it seems overwhelming and seems like too much effort for you to manage. A simpler method can be found to transfer all your data from an older device to a newer one. Enter Samsung Smart Switch. It’s an application the company designed to transfer data that allows you to import your data as easy and fast as it is.

You can find the app within the app drawer on your Samsung phone You can go into Settings > Accounts, and then backup and then bring information from previous devices using Smart Switch. The application is installed for every Samsung phones. The app is available to download via Google Play Store. Google Play Store for free on phones that aren’t Samsung models. The app is able to transfer data between mobile phones that run Android, iOS, and Windows.


In the process of switching to a new smartphone, it’s very common for users to not backup their important files to cloud. If they are required to perform the factory reset in order to resolve any issue with their device, they might lose their data due to the fact that they didn’t take an backup prior to resettling the device back to the factory settings.

Now you know how to pick the approach that will work best to backup Samsung phones as you’re familiar with three different choices. If you’d like to backup to back up your Samsung device to an online service you can choose to do so making use of or Google Drive or Samsung Cloud.

However, MobileTrans – Backup is the best program to go for if you wish to create a backup of your Samsung phone to your PC within a brief amount of time. It is good to know that the procedure of backing up your phone can be made simpler by using apps like Samsung Cloud as well as Samsung Cloud and the OneDrive Integration that Samsung provides. We strongly recommend making use of these tools to help you in maintaining the safety of your data, apps and settings all the time.


What type back-up system do Samsung use?

You can access the backups on your device. It is possible to create backups of your files and free up disk space in your Samsung smartphone using Samsung Cloud Samsung Cloud, which is a cloud-based storage solution which allows you to store music, apps and other files accessible online via any device. It is also possible to use Samsung Cloud to free up the local data storage on the smartphone.

Do I handle the backup on my Samsung back-up?

Choose Restore information from the menu that displays at the Samsung Cloud screen of your mobile device. Click the storage device which has backups that you want to erase. Select Delete backups in the menu that appears when you press the More options button (it appears to be the shape of three dots). From then on you can choose the types of files–contacts Clock, Contacts, and so on, that you would like to erase.

When backing to the data on a Samsung phone what is the time frame that the process usually take?

If you’ve got the Automatic backup feature enabled through Samsung Cloud, your data will be automatically backed up each day for 24 hours in the event that your mobile phone is connected with a charge source and Wi-Fi network. Also, the screen should be shut off for at least an hour.

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