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How to select all photos on iPhone

Apple is among the most well-known smartphone brands around the globe. It is renowned for its high-end products and customer-focused designs. It is apparent that iPhones are among the most beautiful designs. iPhones are famous for a variety of things. They are lauded worldwide for its remarkable features. However, expensive Apple products may be. There is a large client base of iPhones built with the effort and dedication of a person. Apple iPhones are renowned for their high-quality cameras. The iPhone cameras are among the most advanced on the market. However, you may be wondering how to choose the best photos from iPhone?

Let us give you an explanation. Apple is among the major brands in the mobile market that concentrates on the camera on their iPhones. Apple takes great care of the cameras on their iPhone. Some of the cameras are so great that they’re showcased in order to create films-like footage from them. It is evident that Apple attempts to show off its cameras, and to improve them with time. The only issue with iPhones iPhones however is the storage capacity. This is among the most frequent complaints that suffer users on iPhones. It is evident it that iPhone base storage is extremely inadequate.

How to select all photos on iPhone

In the past, iPhones had a base version with a storage capacity up to 64 GB. This is an issue since there’s no way to expand your storage. There is a way to do it with the iCloud service, but that’s not the only method of working. A major and frustrating attributes is that users have to find it difficult to select several photos. This can be a problem since you may already be annoyed by the numerous storage issues in your iPhone. Don’t worry. In this post, we’ll demonstrate to you how to choose all the photos on your iPhone. Let’s take a look at the specifics of how to do that.

What’s the Photos app on iPhone? iPhone?

Apple is the most reliable camera on the market for smartphones. This is a proven fact. The reason it is better is the fact that Apple manufactures the products it sells in secure manufacturing environment. This means that Apple owns the exclusive Operating System (iOS) and its manufacturing. In contrast to other smartphone manufacturers. Apple doesn’t rely on other companies for their products. It is evident that Apple to be able to create the top product using this method. Apple uses only the highest quality of products since they create everything at their own facility.

As Apple creates cameras, the company also produces its gallery application. The app is referred to by iOS by the Photos app. It includes all functions of the gallery app, but is more powerful. Also, It can store all images you take you take on your iPhone. It doesn’t matter whether you snap them with your camera or obtain images from any app that is third party. The Photos app on the iPhone contains all the apps. It is possible that you are wondering how do you select all the photographs on the iPhone. It’s actually quite simpleand it can be accomplished using the Photos app for the iPhone.

What’s the capabilities included in Photos App to iPhone?

The Photos app for the iPhone is packed with options to store your photos and videos. It is likely this Photos app is capable of storing all your iPhone photographs seamlessly. You can, however, keep your photos in a different context. This makes your iPhone an efficient and a more grounded application. You’ll notice it that Photos app comes with a variety of options for organizing. These features can be used by users to organize their photos in a consistent order. We will look at all the organizing features available to us by the Photos app on the iPhone:

Feature 1: Dedicated Albums of Photos

You can store your photos in separate album in your iPhone. This way , if you need to save your photos in accordance with context, it will be more effective. It is possible to store photos in personal or shared albums. If you’re thinking, how do I select all the photos on iPhone. You have the option to select multiple albums with all images you have on your iPhone. It’s easy to accomplish. You can accomplish this by choosing your pictures.

Feature 2: Date and Time purchased

Photos can be saved in the set of date and time organization. This makes it easy to locate the photos you’re searching for. With this, you can locate all the images you’re looking for simply by searching for by month or date. This is a feature that is automatic that is handled by the Photos application. It means you don’t need to set your photos’ the date manually.

Feature 3: Face Recognition

The Photos app comes with a very useful facial recognition software. It can identify wise faces that are in photos on your iPhone photos. It will show individuals and request you identify them. Then, any photos that you snap of a specific individual can be located quickly. Just search to find the names of those who took the photographs you’re looking for. This will help cut down the search time.

Different ways of how to select all pictures using an iPhone

We now know what the app for photos is and the way it works, we can use it. You can make use of this app to ensure that your iPhone has a unique method to select several photographs. Also, You can use various strategies to maximize the selection of photos from your iPhone. You already know that there’s no method to select all the photos available in Photos. Photos app. However, there are various circular methods you can employ to ensure that you have the right selection. This can be achieved using many different methods. Let’s see the various techniques for selecting the photos that are available on your iPhone:

Method 1: Go to the Recents section in Photos app

This is the easiest method of selecting images that you want to select from Photos app. It is possible to use this method to select multiple pictures from the gallery. This technique is useful in situations when you have to swiftly select photos from your iPhone. This method to select all the pictures that are stored on your iPhone. You can then perform many different things with the pictures. In the example above, after choosing all the photos you wish to share, you can then share them with another device. It is also possible to remove all your photos on your iPhone at once. We will go through the steps on how to choose the photos stored in your iPhone by making use of the recents feature :


  1. Visit The Photos app on your iPhone on your home screen.
  2. In in the “My albums” section, locate”My Albums” and then click on the “Recents” album. Click on it to display all of the images that are stored on your iPhone.
  3. In the upper right-hand corner of the app, you’ll discover a gray-colored icon that’s known as “select”. Simply click on”select” “select” button.
  4. There will be an “cancel” button will appear in the position. Click on the pictures you would like to choose. This will allow you to select all of the images you wish to pick on your iPhone.
  5. You can pick several photos by clicking and dragging on the pictures. It will be apparent as you drag your fingers out in the photo app. The images will be selected.
  6. If you would like to pick all photos in the iPhone app, click the picture at the bottom. After choosing it, move your finger towards above the display.
  7. It is evident that every photo in between will be picked as part of the selection process.
  8. You are now able to do anything with the images you’ve chosen. You can remove the photos or make them available for sharing. You can also include them in the album that you have created or re-created.

If you do this, you’ll be in a position to answer your question about how you can select the entire collection of photos using an iPhone. This will allow you to choose multiple videos and photos simultaneously from your photos app. It is yours to take advantage of it in any way you like. To add additional functions to them, click the share button located at the end of your screen.

Method 2: Utilizing the dedicated Albums in the Photo app

The images taken from The Photos application can be chosen by one click , using the albums that are specifically designed for it. There’s no “select all” button in the Recents section however there is one within the albums. This could be due to a glitch and could be corrected by Apple in the near future. However, until then, you can employ this technique to select all of the pictures from your iPhone within an album. You can use this method to select multiple pictures from the gallery. This is useful in situations where you require to quickly select photos on your iPhone. It is possible to employ this method to select every photo you have on your iPhone.

This is to be used in situations where you’ve made an album and would like to use the same album. It is possible to accomplish many different things using the images. After selecting all of the images you wish to share, to share them with another device. It is also possible to make use of this feature to erase all photos on your iPhone at once. The Albums include a “select all” button.


  1. Start the Photos app on the home screen of the iPhone.
  2. In in the “My albums” section, look for the “album where you’ve kept all your photos. Then, open the album that you wish to choose the pictures on your iPhone.
  3. In the upper left corner of the screen you’ll find a gray button that is known as “select”. Click it.
  4. Note that there is a “cancel” button will appear in the place of the cancel button. Also , you will see there is a “select all” button will be displayed on the left. Click”select all” to activate the “select all” button. This will allow you to choose all the pictures you wish to choose from your iPhone.
  5. It is likely that all the images will be chosen.
  6. You can do whatever you like with the images you’ve selected. You can remove them or share them using Share button.

This will allow you to answer the question of how to choose the photos that are available from an iPhone. Select all photos you’d like to see with just one click. This is extremely useful for those who want to use the same images at different time.


It is very easy to apply all of these methods on your iPhone. I hope you have learned how to choose all images from an iPhone. With these tips, there should be no issues picking multiple pictures on the iPhone.

If you’re looking for more information, look over the frequently inquired questions (FAQs) which are listed below. You’ll find some unique and interesting answers.

Have a wonderful day.


What is the best way to utilize the app Photos to comment on photographs?

Yes, you can make comments on diverse photographs. This can help you in situations where you have to locate the photos quickly for a gift. It is easy to look up the comment or the title of the photo using the bar for search. This will give you fast access to your iPhone photos.

Are there ways to choose multiple photos in WhatsApp?

Yes, you can utilize the same method described previously to choose multiple pictures or videos to upload on WhatsApp. It is easy to go to the pin feature and choose the photos you would like to include. There is no way to drag them onto this area. This means that you need to choose the images manually. This is done by clicking on them one after another.

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