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iPhone error 4013-How to fix it

Many of you have experienced this issue, and it could be that you’ll face the same issue later on. While upgrading your phone, you’ve encountered the error 4013 on your iPhone or 4013, and if you’re not aware of this error then you may feel worried about it and be wondering how to fix the issue.

It’s not that difficult to deal with this error. In this article, we’ll be giving you the information about error 4013 that can assist you in overcoming. There is no reason to worry about since it’s not damaging to the device and does not cause any issues with the functioning in iPhone features. This error was able to be fixed by a lot of people using these steps. There is an easy solution to fix this issue and you should take a few steps to solve this issue that could occur during the process of upgrading your iPhone.

iPhone error 4013

The causes for iPhone failure 4013

Sometimes, it’s possible that while you’re updating your iPhone there is an interruption that might be created or your iPhone has been disconnected by accident and display an error message, which prevents the update on the iPhone from being executed properly.

The error will appear on your screen in the form of dialog box where it displays, “The iPhone[your device name] could not be restored, An unknown error occurred (4013).”

How do I solve iPhone problem 4013?

There is no need to be concerned about this error since it can be dealt with in a matter of minutes by following these steps.

Methods to Fix this issue

  • Step 1: First, you must make sure the iPhone is running the most recent version of iTunes If it’s not, you can upgrade your iTunes by visiting the Play App store and there search for iTunes and then clicking update. You can also go to Apple’s site to download the latest version on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: After that, Force to reboot your iPhone. If you’re not sure the procedure Do not worry. Simply hit and then immediately release the volume down button after which hold and press the Side button until it is Apple logo is displayed on your screen.

According to their model according to their model, Force restart may differ slightly in certain iPhones. Therefore, if you’re iPhone has one of the iPhone8 or an earlier versionthen this procedure is necessary. If you have an iPhone7 and later, hold the Side Top button as well as pressing the volume down key.

For iPhone6s and older versions it is necessary to push and hold both the top button , as well as to press the Home button..

  • Step 3: Now, connect your iPhone to iTunes to receive updates. If you’re using Windows then, start iTunes and if using MAC open Finder and click on your iPhone that appears in the sidebar. Connect to iTunes. Once you have done this, choose on General, or Settingstap on Check, then choose on Download or Update.

Following that the iPhone will begin making repairs or updating. This will resolve the issue with iPhone Error 4013.

Alternate Method

  • It could be the case in certain instances that, after completing the steps above but your issue has not been resolved. Therefore, it is necessary to find a different USB cable as in these cases, your iPhone isn’t connected correctly with your PC. Try a different USB and follow the steps as described in the previous paragraph.
  • This is also feasible with a computer and you could try an other computer and then follow the steps.
  • If, following this there is no change, you have the option to call Apple’s support center which can assist you solve your problem.

I am confident that, after these steps, you’ll not be faced with this issue, iPhone Error 4013 will be fixed in addition, your iPhone updates without interruption.

How can I fix the error 4013 on my Apple iPhone 5s?

iPhone Error 4013 on iPhone 5s isn’t any more or less, and it’s exactly the same error that has been reported on other iPhones. However, it is possible that they should be addressed differently for different versions. The reason for this is usually because of hardware issues or a communication issue that was encountered during the update on the iPhone. In this situation you only need to follow these steps.

  • It is mandatory to keep Holding and press the Top Button as well as the Home button on Your iPhone.
  • Make sure you connect your iPhone to iTunes to download updates. Connect using Apple’s USB to your computer. If you’re on Windows and want to open iTunes and if you’re using MAC and you are on a Mac, then open Finder and click on the iPhone appearing in the sidebar. Connect to iTunes.
  • Once you have done this, select General or Settings. then tap on Check, and after that, click Download and Update.

If you follow the above steps and completing the above steps, your issue will be fixed in just a few minutes.

How can I get my iPhone to restore?

Perhaps you’ve experienced that your iPhone ceases to respond. The phone will suddenly stuck and doesn’t seem to be functioning. Therefore, do not think it is a problem however, it can become an issue for some individuals because they do not know how to fix the issue or how to get it to respond. Also, you do not have to be concerned this is normal and for the moment all you need to do is get the iPhone to reboot.

One could go through these procedures :

  • Release and press on the button to turn up the volume.
  • Release the Volume Down button simultaneously.
  • After you’ve completed the above steps After that, hold your top finger until you see the Apple logo Apple appears at the top of your screen.

This method, you can force your iPhone to reboot.

What can I do to reset my iPhone with no Home button?

It is possible to find yourself in a situation where you have to reboot your iPhone and the power or home button isn’t functioning. This is when you may think and be stressed over what you can do to restart your iPhone without the button. Relax as there’s nothing to worry about since you can restore without using the home button.

These are the steps :

  • Tap on Settings.
  • Go to the accessibility option, then tap on the Touch feature, then click on Assistive Touch.
  • Now, turn on the Assistive Touch feature if it’s not enabled.
  • Following that, a dialog box appears , where you press the Device button.
  • Hold the button and tap the Lock Screen button.
  • Slide it down to Power off.

When your device is completely shut down and you are unable to reconnect the lightning cord and your iPhone is reset.


I’m sure that most of you have the information about iPhone Error 4013 after reading this details. If you’ve encountered this issue in the past but didn’t realize it was a problem you may have wondered how simple it was to get this fixed and how it can help others that may face this problem in the near future.

This isn’t an issue to be worried about. Sometimes, the application causes a problem when you update your iPhone and creates an obstacle to updating your iPhone. It’s an internal issue however, it is fixable by following the steps described above. It could also happen within iPods and MAC and, in both cases, it is not difficult to solve because these steps could be beneficial in settling this issue.


What is the iPhone XS(Max) Error 4013?

It’s the same the error 4013 on any iPhone. iPhone XS error 4013 is caused by updates or the restoring the device. It’s usually thought of as an internal error caused by software that blocks update process.

What is error 14 referring to for your iPhone?

Error 14 on the iPhone occurs at the time your iPhone storage is at its maximum capacity. This means that the that your storage is already full and the device is not able to download or store any additional documents on the internal storage. This is when you’ll be faced with the error 14 messages on your iPhone. The issue can cause your phone to become stuck on the Apple logo when updating, as large files in the device can slow down the performance of the iPhone or any other device gets slower when it happens.
It can be extremely frustrating having a large amount of storage so try to always keep the process of deleting any unwanted files.

Can it be that the iPhone not be returned?

Sometimes, your iOS device is unable to restore or update itself. In this case it is necessary to place your iPhone in recovery mode. join your iOS device to your computer using a USB cable. Once connected, enter “recovery mode” to restart your device.

How can I fix the issue 4013 on my iPad professional?

Check to make sure you’re running your iPhone running the most recent version of iTunes.
Then Force restarts the device. If you have an iPad with Face ID, you’re required to simultaneously press and release your Volume button. The same is true as that Volume Down button. Then press and hold on the button to the left.
After that, connect your iPad via USB via a computer, and then link it up to iTunes.
Go to General Settings > update > download then update.

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