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How to make your Android Phone work like iPhone


You’ve probably seen iPhone users flaunting their muscles these days because of the unique attributes of iPhone that makes it look distinct from Android. Are you getting bored with Android features? You’re bound to be jealous of iPhone users. Do you wish to have some Android functions and the operating system be together to iOS features? Yes There are some tricks and tips on how you can help you Android Phone work like iPhone.

There are a few ways by that you will feel like the iPhone user. In the present it’s simple to enjoy access to an iOS experience without having to purchase an iPhone. If you’re bored of your Android and would like to modify it to give it a stunning appearance you can make it look like an iPhone.

You can easily customize your Android’s widgets to display on the home screen, just like the iPhone’s. iPhone. You can alter your Android’s messages calendar, calendars, calculators, music, widgets, icons pack, and lock screen and also enjoy iPhone’s messages as well as calendar, calculator and music. Also, You can alter the way notifications are displayed as well. The iPhone comes with a variety of designs that are appealing to users. It is not a matter of whether you own the iPhone or not, because today there are numerous launchers to repair your Android and really enjoy your iPhone.

How to make your Android Phone work like iPhone

There are many applications out there that can assist you achieve this, but only two or three third-party applications can create your Android to look like an iPhone. The best part is that you are able to install these kinds of apps and launchers on any of your Androids, no matter if it’s Xiaomi, Samsung, One plus, etc.

In this article I’ll show you how to modify your Android using some tricks and tips which you can also customize to some degree. Therefore, instead of wasting more time take an examination of the launcher and a few apps that allow you to enjoy things such as the iPhone.

Setup iOS icons

You can get or download iOS icon packs from the Google Play Store as per your preference. For instance, if you would like your icon to resemble the one on the iPhone 13 then search for “iOS 13 icon pack”. If you also want for the app to be installed on iPhone 12 then look for “iOS 12 icon pack”.

The pack contains iOS settings including calendar calculators, camera, gallery, google play as well as weather and other things. It includes more than 2000 HD icons, a matching HD wallpaper, and dark mode. iOS 13 icon pack to make android phone work like iPhone.

Download iOS launcher

Decide which launcher version you required. Let’s discuss what’s new on the iPhone regarding iPhone 13. Find “iPhone 13 Launcher” in the Google Play Store, and install it. After installation it, it will require you to grant certain permissions. Make sure you read them before you grant everything. The icons on your home screen will look exactly as if they came from an iPhone. The order in which widgets appear will also alter.

You can also see shortcuts for a couple of apps by sliding the left-hand panel. You can also delete and add shortcuts to apps you like, such as weather, contacts, settings and more. This application also alters the lock screen of our phone which displays the passcode as it is used by the iPhone. Additionally, you can alter the settings of this app and change things like the wallpaper or lock screen and many other. Additionally, it has intelligent toggles for the flashlight and other functions.

Download iMusic

If you wish to make your music player appear as iPhone iMusic then install “imusic player”. It will also give you the feel of an iPhone’s music. This iOS Apple music application lets you edit your smart playlist. You can also alter the sleep timer , setting off the music alarm , and an equalizer using this.

It will alter your display screen to one that is similar to iOS 14. If you wish to play a shuffle or repeat of the music, go to the same app and look for the three dots that appear on the left upper edge of your screen. when you click them, you’ll receive a range of choices. It is also possible to find music you prefer such as hip-hop, romantic classical, and more using Search bar. One of the best aspects of iMusic is the ability to access your most loved lyrics offline.

Download iCalendar

This is the calendar that you’ve always wanted. It’s simple to read and features a natural and simple layout. With this, anyone is able to easily track their upcoming activities as well as their hectic schedule. Google calendar is integrated with Google calendar. It allows you to assign a color to various occasions. Additionally, it supports the map view as well as different languages.

You can include public holidays of many nations all over the world, and weekends with different colors. You can also personalize notifications, and alter the calendar’s mode in accordance with your preferences. (Dark mode/Light mode). Install it fast.

Installation iCalculator

Another amazing method of changing your Android into an iPhone. To install this, go to Google Play Store and search for ” iCalculator ” and then install it.

  • It helps us save our history of calculation.
  • iCalculator includes rounded number buttons that come in a variety of colors.
  • It also comes with graphic capabilities as well as the ability to do various types of conversions.
  • Many functions, including M+ M+, M+, MR and MC are also included within it, making your calculations much simpler and more efficient.

In addition it is possible to use using the equation’s parentheses, as well as simple scientific calculations are possible to make. It calculates automatically using the exchange rate in real-time. It also supports width, length volume, time pressure, speed and many other variables.

Installation iOS notification

It can help you display alerts on the home screen. You can also manage the brightness of the lights as well as volume controls BT Wi-fi, and so on. by using this. In addition, you can turn on or deactivate the vibrations when you receive the incoming notification. You can select which screen you’d like notifications to appear. Additionally, you can alter the app settings to suit your needs. Take advantage of notifications that come in ! !

Setup Control Center

You can alter the Android’s controls by using the Control Center from iOS. This app lets you get access to the control center via the bottom of the screen and move your fingers from top to bottom. It will allow your Android to access the control center of the iPhone

You can adjust the position in the central control area, whether you would like the controls to be displayed on the bottom, top left, right, or left of your screen at home. You can choose options that are more advanced, such as the size and color choices. It also offers the option to change the background to transparent, default or current and also blurring the screen behind. Also, It allows you to record settings. It comes with controls for music and vibration and the language you prefer.

Install iCall dialer

To install to install, look up “iOS icon dialer” on Google Play Store. You must grant certain permissions. The keypad features rounded numbers buttons. You can also add your preferred contacts as you wish in this. Check the missed and received calls in separate. You are able to manage the settings. It offers you an advanced feature known as “Flash upon calls” . This phone will flash every time you get a phone call. You can customize the keypad screen and call screen wallpaper.

There are a variety of options available for call button designs. iOS also offers the option to change the style of the button through its color selection. It is possible to color the keys of the keypad according to your preference.

Install IRingtone

You can use iPhone Ringtones with iRingtone on Android. You are able to search for “Ringtones to use on your iPhone”. This app lets you configure your iPhone ringtone or notification tone as well as wallpaper to match your preferences.iRingtone

Install ICamera

You can download “iCamera smartphone 13 iOS 15” via the Play store. This application is great for people who wish to make better selfies, include a filter camera HD to give it a more dramatic. It’s a distinctive, basic and straightforward layout. It’s a fantastic application that features the ability to interact with users.

It is compatible with square mode, and has an easy square-photo taking function. It lets you customize the mirror-mode selfie camera. With dual camera support, it allows you to change between your front camera and your rear camera quickly. It is equipped with HDR image processingthat allows you to get a better photograph even in dim light. It lets you use live-time filtering, facial detection as well as a simple and clear interface.

Install iWallpaper

After installing “Wallpaper to iPhone 13” you can download and install iWallpapers for free. The app contains stunning high-quality, crystal clear wallpapers for your smartphone. With this app, you can download wallpapers such as music, motivational, love nature, and others that are available for download ! !

Install iKeyboard

You can also download “iKeyboard”. The app lets you use the iPhone keyboard. It also includes in-built iPhone Emoji. You can also personalize your keyboard by selecting your preferred theme. This gives you an outstanding typing experience, and makes your phone smarter and more attractive.

It comes with a cool and fancy iPhone typewriter. It’s built with intelligent gestures. You’ll be able to perform fast and precise typing. It also includes the ability to type in voice and an awesome feature that can display related gifs to what we say. Also, it has an option where we need to say our sentence and it will be displayed. A fast typing auto-correction feature is offered. It is a smooth and elegant suggestion gesture. It is compatible with iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 pro max voice input. This elegant iKeyboard will turn our outdated Android to an iPhone.

Install iMessage

With the installation of “iMessage” you will experience the same user experience as an iPhone. It’s a great user interface. It is possible to send messages via it. The app has dark themes. It features a user-friendly interface and features similar to iPhone 14. iMessage allows you to easily send any type of message, add messages, or delete them easily. Also, It features a quick dialer that allows you to search contacts. It saves important messages. iMessage supports a variety of languages.


It’s time to go to bed, I’m sure you be aware of the functions of the majority of iOS apps. The majority of them are third-party applications, so you need to grant certain permissions, such as the location of your device or drawing over other apps, etc. With these applications for free you can easily modify or personalize your Android to look similar to your iPhone.

It’s impossible to make your phone appear like the iPhone but it’s at most, you’ll get to experience its amazing features and the vibrant designs.


How do I transfer Android data from calendars to iOS?

It is now easy to transfer your Android calendar data to iOS simply by connecting your Google account on iOS. To connect your Google account with iOS navigate to the settings and click for account, then password to add account, then select Google and log in to your account. There will be the option to change your calendar, click the bar to turn it on between left and right, then select save.

How can I enjoy different gestures on iOS?

To check your notifications, swipe the screen down to the right. If you wish to search for an app, move your finger downwards to the right of the display. If you wish to access the home screen, then swipe downwards from the lower part on the screen.

How can I solve “Move onto iPhone” that isn’t functioning?

Transfer into iOS is an app through which you can move or transfer your Android data such as videos and photos to an iPhone effortlessly. If the app isn’t working, then you could fix it by following these methods –
Reboot your device
Check your network connections
Turn on Airplane mode
If you’re transferring more data from Android into an iPhone then it will take longer to transfer.

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