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CIDManager – A complete guide

CIDManager is an Android core program that manages the transporter number of your phone. Sometimes, you may see this app on your phone and wonder what it is used for.

CID Manager, another framework program, has recently begun to provide a New Service Provider Notice on Samsung phones. CID Manager’s alert clarifies that the owner must reset the phone due to the specialized service provider. The CID Manager recommends a reset to ensure that all settings and options are erased. They were not appropriate for the current supplier.

Many clients may prefer not to follow the advice. However, the CIDManager won’t stop issuing new service provider notifications until the advice has been followed. The warning may be silenced by a workaround. We will now examine CIDManager to find out what it is and how we can resolve this specialist service provider warning.

What’s CIDManager?

CIDManager is a Samsung Foundation program that isn’t required for the ROM, but can be communicated to specific customers through updates. This software helps the client to send the right software through OTA. It helps to test the mobile transporter networks and design the right firmware.

It monitors the specialist organisation on the telephone and reports any adjustments or margin time to the customer. In addition, it informs customers about the use of alternate options that are necessary for the legal handling of applications and administrations with the organization. CID Manager tells users to reset their device in case the specialized service provider has changed.

How do I fix CIDManager Notification?

CIDManager emphasized the notification it sends clients when a new specialist service provider is identified via phone. The warning is sometimes continued if the authorized instruction is closely followed, and the specialist organization has been changed.

The warning seems to be very serious. Clients need to follow the instructions given to avoid it. You can find several workarounds if the notice needs to be reset.

Mute Notification

CIDManager New Service Provider alarm cannot be ignored, as it is a Framework application. The warning control’s text is all greyed-out, which means that it cannot be altered. We can, however, muffle the announcement to make them less distressing. The announcement of the new specialist organisation will be silenced. This is the way to silence CID Managers’ warning.

  • Click and linger over the message “New Service Provider”, to access fast settings.
  • The given option can be changed from “Alert” to ” Sile”.
  • Click Next.

This will turn off the CID Manager message and you will not be annoyed at it anymore.

Remove the CIDManager App Cache

CID Manager is like many other applications. It develops its data through running on the device. It could be due to an outdated store. CID Manager is time to delete the store data from your device that you changed service providers. It’s worked well for others so it is worth a shot.

  • Click on the Settings tab.
  • Navigate to Apps. You can search for CID Manager using the search tool.
  • Once you have found it, click it.
  • To end the cycles of Force Stop, first press it.
  • Then select Clear Cache.
  • Start the device again from this point.

If you haven’t been able to find a solution, there are other options. These will help address the issue. These are complicated arrangements so take care.

CIDManager Application should be disabled

CIDManager is a core application that, if disabled can cause more internal problems to your Android. It is not recommended to be disabled. You can, however, take a chance on it and incapacitate them safely if you feel the situation is becoming more serious.

Package Disabler cloud is a handy tool that can safely disable frameworks on Samsung devices. This is how Package Disabler Cloud deactivates the CID Manager program.

  • Accepting that Package Disabler Cloud has been proactively installed
  • You should grant the authorizations requested.
  • Locate CID Manager among the bundles.
  • Tap it
  • After that, click the Disable button.
  • To confirm, click OK.
  • Done.

After that, turn off your device and restart it to verify everything is working correctly. CID incompetent Your manager must respond promptly to any notification from a service provider.

Uninstall CIDManager app Safely

System application removal is another way to safely remove the CIDManager programme. It is known for safely uninstalling Framework programs. The same applies to this application, except that it needs root access. This is the best method to uninstall CID Manager.

  • Install the System application removalr.
  • The app launcher allows you to launch the application.
  • If asked, grant root access.
  • Look for the CID Manager package (com.Samsung.android.CID manager).
  • Click on the link once you find it.
  • Select the Uninstall option. To confirm, click Yes.
  • Done.

This will completely remove the CID Manager software from your smartphone. If you have any problems with the program after uninstalling it, you can always restore it using the Recycle Bin. System application removal has the unique ability to reinstall any uninstalled framework applications with just one click.

Remove CIDManager App Updates

CIDManager now warns you about the new specialty organization warnings. This is because the last version of CIDManager was updated. After programming was updated, it became available only on some devices. It is likely that you will wish to correct the notice regarding the new specialized organisation by uninstalling CID Manager app update. This is how you can remove CID Manager update.

  • Choose “Settings” in the app launcher.
  • Select Applications from the Settings menu.
  • Search for CID Manager with the search engine.
  • Click on the link once you find it.
  • Click the three dots at the upper right corner.
  • Selecting Uninstall refreshes your page at that moment.
  • Click OK to confirm.

This will enable the CID Manager’s replacement and allow all data to be easily erased. This will allow you to receive the CID Manager’s new service provider notice if it was caused by a bug.

How does the CIDManager work?

CIDManager has a much simpler interface than programs that require multiple permissions. Only one permission is required to operate, and that is the Phone permission. Allowing someone to access the phone. The Cid manager has full access to all information necessary to enable the phone to function.

Are there any issues with the application?

CIDManager, which is required for firmware and device updates, is without doubt an essential software. There are many issues with its presence in every gadget. The most common issue is the New Service Provider’ message.

This warns you about the new provider settings your device must access. It will be further investigated. This issue cannot be resolved because it grants factory reset. However, the user is still in the loop after the completion of the factory reset. This can be frustrating, especially if the device is not being used.

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Which rights does CIDManager require?

CIDManager requires “Phone”, authorization. The Android architecture makes it difficult to change. We verify that the authorized version of the manufacturing facility has been installed. You may need additional permissions for an older version. CIDManager may allow you to verify the authorizations on your Samsung smartphone without asking anyone else. Administrations and applications that are no longer relevant for the current service provider were not appropriate.

  • Navigate to Settings>Apps.
  • Search for CIDManager.
  • Click here to access application data
  • Click on Permissions to view.

What does CIDManager Notification mean?

CIDManager has a reputation for notifying specialty organizations. CIDManager sends an alert whenever the specialty coop is modified. This alert recommends that you reset the phone in order to delete the administrations and programs associated with the previous specialist.

Can the CIDManager be considered a secure Android app

We value any specialized enhancements that help us understand our views. It allows us to have regular conversations with our families and friends. Everyone is concerned that their personal information could be taken without their consent.

People are more cautious with new applications than they are with the best framework programs for their devices such as CIDManager. Some people have confirmed that the application is spyware, and that it tracks phone activity. The program has access both to your phone and to your business supplier. It doesn’t impede your movement.

Some argue that the program doesn’t need it, and thus wastes the device’s resources. CIDManager eats space and RAM on Samsung smartphones. CID Manager programming plays a critical role in the operation of the phone. It allows it to receive country-specific firmware updates which would otherwise be impossible.

The Play Protect standards protect the Cid boss from viruses. This means that any claims of the Cid boss being a virus are false. The item is therefore guaranteed to not cause your device’s to lag. The item is also safe and will not cause any data corruption.


CIDManager is an embedded framework program on Samsung Android devices that acts as a link between transporter suppliers, CSC codes and CSC codes. CSC codes can be altered to enable manual OTA refreshes. You can identify the application by its bundle name when it runs in the background.

The application is one the most important applications on your Samsung smartphone. You may notice the “HT0_ New transporter administration ” warning pop up. According to the gadget’s security. CIDManager was created by Samsung. It is completely safe for data and security software. It is very easy to remove it or uninstall it. Also, the normal operation and functionality of your Samsung Android phone will not be affected by CIDManager.


Is CIDManager a virus or malicious software?

CIDManager doesn’t contain malware or viruses. Instead, it is a framework program that many Samsung phones, including the S9, S10e and S10e have received through OTA updates. It identifies the transporter organization to assist the phone customer with the firmware updates. It monitors changes to transporter networks, which it does for free.

Is Uninstalling CIDManager App Safe?

CIDManager, a framework program, is not required by the stock ROM. It was made available to most clients via an OTA download. Because it is a foundation application, it is not recommended you uninstall it. You may experience some problems, and your device could become unstable. CIDManager-dependent applications and administrations won’t work effectively in any situation. Additionally, it can create additional problems within the body.
However, the safe uninstallation procedure described previously is still possible. Consider how your Samsung phone responds. Every phone is different so it is unlikely that uninstalling CIDManager or crippling CIDManager would cause you additional problems.

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