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What is my android phone number?


Sometimes, we require our personal mobile number (which we don’t recall). How can we find the number? The story behind this article is my personal experience, which I want to share in brief. when I got my new phone with a new no from my loved one. I was very excited to use it. After some time accidentally my phone was lost during a journey. I was alone with no other contact no. When I reached the police station to complain about the missing phone along with the sim. I was totally blank. I was not remembering my mobile no. Without it, everything was in vain, so I returned back for help…Here, we’ll examine what my android phone number is?

What is the phone number for android mobile?

A phone number is crucial for contacting or messaging anyone, and without a phone number, you cannot call or text anyone. Phone number is a ten-digit number that is not the same for each service provider. Sim is a tiny chip that can store your mobile phone number. The unique number is created before the mobile number, and the code is different from all other countries.

Mobile numbers function as an address to switch calls using a code routing method. If you wish to contact someone, you need to dial their number, and then you can call or contact them. You can reach me at any time via this number. There is no special country code to make a call within your country. However, in case you would like to call someone from another country, you must write the country code before the number using the “+” sign before the country code.

Why do we require our own unique number?

If we wish to make a call to someone, we’ll need their number. So, if someone wants to contact us, they must have our number for mobile. Therefore, we should keep our number or save/write it down. These days various OTP verification is also done by personal mobile no. It is necessary for security purposes also.

How do I find my phone number?

With my personal experience, I researched various methods to find out what is my android phone number? If we buy a new sim card, the mobile number of the sim card will be written on the wrapper. But if you forget the phone number and you lose the wrapper of your sim, then how do you locate the mobile number of your phone? Few are listed below. Let’s take a look.

Via special code

To do this, you must be able to access your sim card on your mobile. There is a specific code for each retailer on the sim. By dialing this code, you will quickly identify your phone number. For example, if you use a VI sim, you must call *#100#. The code might differ for different SIM providers. For AT&T, it would be *#06#. For T-Mobile, the code is #NUM# (#686#) (for Sprint: #786# ), and you’ll receive an SMS with your number.

By calling someone

Every time we call someone, our number appears on the screen. If you’d like to find your number, just make a call to your friend, and your mobile number will appear on their display. You can then request them to give you the number.

Call customer service

You can also find your phone number by contacting the customer service of your service provider or asking to provide you with the number. They’ll surely assist you in this.

Through the system settings

A majority of android phones will save the user’s phone number. You can check this when you go into the settings of the phone. After that, you go to the about phone section and select status/phone identity. After that, tap at the number, and you will find your phone’s number.

Look through your contacts

The majority of Android phones will save your mobile number within the contact app. Start the contact app on your Android phone. Then, you will be able to view “me” contact on the top of the list. You can also locate “me” contact by scrolling down. If you click “me” contact there, you will be able to see your mobile number.

Online site

Many websites claim they can identify your mobile number through detecting your network, and you can locate one of them on this page. This website will find your phone number via your network. After the process has been completed, your phone number will appear on your display.

Go to an online retailer

If this approach isn’t working for you, go to your network service provider’s store or service center. They can surely assist you.

Login into your online account

If you have internet access to your phone number, you can log into your account and check your mobile number on the account.


Phone numbers are an essential aspect of our lives. It’s impossible to accomplish things if you don’t have the number. Every important thing today, such as your identification card, bank account, email account, and so on, is linked to numbers on the phone. The phone number is an essential element, and everyone knows it. In the article below, we’ll learn how to find your mobile number should you forget it at any time or lose it. I hope this article helps you resolve your issue to figure out my number on my phone -android.


Q1. How do I find a phone number?

Answer: Finding a phone number in this scenario is quite easy. You can get a mobile number by going to any provider’s store, and you can purchase a sim card and get the number. Your number will be activated within 24 hours.

Q2. What can I do to call someone who does not have a number?

Answer: There’s no way to contact someone without a no. If you’d like to talk to someone, you must purchase a SIM card first. Still these days,some apps are available in the market which provides calling facility without sim.

Q3. Can I get the exact number as my father’s number is?

Answer: It will be totally fraud if someone issues you the same mobile no. you can only upgrade your sim from 3G to 4G and so on.No two mobile numbers are the same, and there’s no way to buy the same phone as your dad has.

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